Are You Secretly Sabotaging Your Sex Life?

There are plenty of obvious things a girl can do to sabotage her sex life, but did you know there are also sex sabotages that you may not even be thinking about? Little things, even an inadequate or unhealthy diet, can be causing your unsatisfying or nonexistence sex life. Looking for ways to stop unwittingly sabotaging your love life? See below.

1. Knocking your appearance
It may be typical for you to remark on how bad your hair looks, or how a pair of pants makes you look fat, or even general comments about how you’ve gained weight or lost muscle tone, etc. Sometimes this is a way to ask for reassurance that what you’re saying is not true, but this can also sabotage your sex life. If you’re too busy worried about how big your butt looks in bed, how can you really enjoy what you’re doing? Lose this sabotaging habit and see how much more fun you’ll have instead.

2. Lack of exercise
Similar to an unhealthy diet, a lack of exercise can sabotage your sex life. Lack of exercise can cause a decrease in stamina and energy, making you listless and just not that interested in sex. Lack of exercise can also cause weight gain or a decrease in tone, making you feel self conscious and therefore unwilling to show off your body to your partner. And not exercising can just lead you to an overall feeling of inertia “ a body at rest tends to want to stay at rest.

3. Same way every time
The same old same old can also sabotage your sex life. If you only have sex in bed on Tuesday and Saturday nights, missionary position, lights off, that can become, well, boring. And a boring sex life can lead to a lack of interest for both parties. Try having sex in a different room, a different position, at a different time of day to help ward of this sex sabotage.

4. Going through the motions
Just going through the motions of having sex is also a sabotage. He’s interested and you’re not (or vice versa) and so the sexual act is there but without any passion or feeling. Both of you can tell when the other is not interested, despite any feigned passion, and this is one sure way to sabotage your sex life.

5. Not enough sleep
This falls into the same category as a poor diet and lack of exercise. Not getting enough sleep is unhealthy, and can lead you to be uninterested in sex. Whether you’re just too tired, or that lack of sleep is making you irritable and unpleasant to be around, one sure way to sabotage your sex life is to skimp on sleep.

6. Stress
Stress is among the number one sex sabotages. Face it, if you are feeling stressed out about something, whether it’s work, money, family or even your relationship, lack of interest in sex is sure to follow. Try dealing with your stress in a healthy way “ improve your diet, get more exercise and sleep, and while you’re at it, fooling around is a great way to deal with stress!

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