The Ultimate Holiday Playlist

The weekend is coming, and you know what that means: 1) you will probably be attending or hosting at least one holiday party and 2) you will finally have the free time to dance freely about your home to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock (not that I’ve done that or anything). So to get you into the Christmas spirit, here’s our ultimate holiday playlist. Enter: your personal soundtrack for the gift-giving season.

1. Merry Christmas, Baby
Artist: Hanson
Crank it up because: We all know that without the efforts of Taylor, Zac and Issac, this song is just waiting room fodder.

2. Christmas In Hollis
Artist: Run D.M.C.
Crank it up because: It’s about time you gave Christmas rapping a whole new meaning. (GET IT?)

3. Fairytale In New York
Artist: The Pogues
Crank it up because: If TV specials have taught us anything, it’s that drunken family disputes are what the holidays are all about.

4. My Only Wish This Year
Artist: Britney Spears
Crank it up because: It’s about time we celebrate the Christmas miracle of Britney Spears having survived the last decade’s events.

5. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
Artist: N Sync
Crank it up because: Justin Timberlake hasn’t made music in years. We need something.

6. I’ll Be Home For Christmas
Artist: Michael Buble
Crank it up because: Christmas isn’t supposed to be cool “ but Michael Buble lets us believe otherwise.

7. Under the Mistletoe
Artist: Justin Bieber
Crank it up because: As Canadians we need to celebrate our personal (musical) Santa.

8. Christmas Waltz
Artist: She & Him
Crank it up because: Even our naps need a Christmas soundtrack.

9. All I Want For Christmas Is You
Artist: Mariah Carey
Crank it up because: The Love Actually version doesn’t even compare “ but we should all be allowed to pretend that we’re one of the characters.

10. Mele Kalikimaka
Artist: Bing Crosby
Crank it up because: It’s important to remind yourself to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation at least once this holiday.

11. O Tannenbaum
Artist: Vince Guaraldi Trio
Crank it up because: Christmas Time Is Here is a little too depressing, but to exclude Charlie Brown is an act of sacrilege.

12. Marshmallow World
Artist: Emmy the Great and Tim Wheeler
Crank it up because: You’ve probably never listened to these guys before, and you can consider this your Christmas gift (from us).

13. Christmas Wrapping
Artist: The Waitresses (or the Spice Girls)
Crank it up because: Ever since we mentioned Christmas rapping, you’ve had the original stuck in your head.

14. Baby Please Come Home
Artist: U2
Crank it up because: Sometimes it’s inspiring to hear Bono sound happy.

15. 8 Days of Christmas
Artist: Destiny’s Child
Crank it up because: Michelle and Kelly deserve some attention this Christmas, too.

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