3 Things Guys Wish You Understood

Women and men are very different, and these basic differences often lead to a breakdown in communication which means one thing: drama. Here are a few seemingly simple things guys wish we knew and understood that will make everyone’s life easier.

1. They don’t read minds
Those hints you’re dropping about what’s bugging you? They’re not working and he’s not getting them. Getting frustrated with him because he doesn’t know what you want without you actually telling him makes you look crazy. Generally speaking, guys do not get hints. If something is bothering you, say so. If you want to go somewhere, say so. If you’re unhappy in a relationship and can identify why, say so. You don’t have to make a big deal out of it either, and definitely don’t let resentment fester. Just approach the subject clearly, and work it out.

2. He’s probably not cheating on you
If you show your guy trust, he’ll likely act in a manner to maintain that trust. Good guys do exist, and mottos like all guys cheat or all guys are the same is just making you pessimistic and ruining your dating experience. Just because he goes out for boys’ nights, or doesn’t let you browse through his text messages at your leisure doesn’t mean he’s got some hot little thing on the side. Trust is an important part of any relationship, and a two way street.

3. Self confidence is key!
He probably doesn’t notice your cellulite or stretch marks. Honestly. The number one thing guys hate during any kind of interaction, sexual or otherwise, is a woman who isn’t sure of herself or confident in what she’s got. Refusing to let him see your love handles just draws attention to them, and tells him he needs to take care of you and build you up “ a huge and unappealing task. Men are attracted to strong, positive women, so strut what you’ve got, and don’t make your guy constantly reassure you of your cute (albeit maybe a little dimply) butt.

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