Are You Pulling Your Own Weight in Your Relationship?

It’s understandable, as a relationship progresses and the honeymoon period wears off that you and your guy might start to get a little, well, comfortable. As the euphoria starts to fade and reality starts to creep back into the picture it can be easy for couples to start to lose their initial connection and motivation to keep things moving forward. And often it’s too late to know when it’s already happened. So here’s four ways to make sure you are pulling your weight in your relationship.

(And for the record, for any males who might be stumbling upon this article…these work both ways!)

Show face

So maybe now that it’s been a few months or a few years, the desire to spend every, single waking/breathing/eating/sleeping moment together has started to wane a bit, but ladies, that doesn’t mean you should disappear all together! We get that you have a career to focus on and girlfriends you need to hang out with and obligations you have to meet but make sure you give equal time and energy to your man as well. Trust us, absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder.

Take initiative

Nothing can kill the passion in a relationship faster than one half always having to take the lead in the, uh, “sexy-time” department. And we know it’s nice to have a man who takes charge but in order to prevent his libido from drying up completely, make sure you continue to make the effort to make him feel desirable too. Channel your inner goddess (yes, we just made a 50 Shades reference) and take charge one night: think sultry music, dim lights, and a strip tease down to some very, very skimpy under things.

Stay sexy

And speaking of sexy…just because you’ve moved past the point of having to impress him doesn’t mean you should. And we know, some days it is just such a drag to have to pull your butt off the couch and hit the gym, but keep doing it, for his sake and your own. Not only will you keep that killer figure but you’ll also feel better about yourself without those pesky “comfort” pounds creeping in. Better yet, start going to the gym with him. Cause nothing can send the imagination running quite like watching you doing squats.

Remember the little things

We often forget in relationships (and in day-to-day life) that it is the little things that usually come to mean the most to us. So make sure you continue to make those small offerings that can make a huge difference to him. Send him a sweet midday text so he knows you are thinking about him or offer to pick up his dry cleaning on your way home when you know he’s having a particularly bad day at work. It may not seem like it at the time, but these are going to be the things he will remember. The things that will help your relationship grow.

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