6 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’ve said yes to the dress! But now comes the wedding planning, and THAT is a stressful endeavor. You want to celebrate this next chapter of your lives together in a way that is true to your relationship. Intimate or elaborate- you want it to be fun, beautiful, romantic, and most of all memorable! Here are 6 unique wedding reception ideas that deliver on an even more unforgettable night.

1) More Desserts: Everyone loves wedding cake and cocktails, but better yet, why not serve up more desserts and sweets! A popular trend is a candy bar or candy and coffee bar. Not only is it a beautiful part of the dé©cor in your reception hall, you can snack all night long! Yum!

2) Games: Adding in fun activities throughout the reception is a great way keep you involved, chatting and engaged. Some fun print-out games (Madlibs, Sudoku, or questions about the bride & groom) that you leave at the table is a great conversation starter and can also be entertainment during speeches that might possibly run-on. Yeah, I know how painful that can be!

3) Get married in an unconventional space: Select a fun and unconventional wedding venue! Restaurants, parks, art gallery, theatres, and other fun attractions can often be transformed into a wedding venue. You can also think of locations that are meaningful to you as a couple.

4) Rent a photo booth: Photo booths are entertaining for the guests and are also great momentos from the wedding. You can encourage guests to leave one copy of their photo strips in the guest book with a message for an extra personal touch. Slow-motion video photo booths are also a unique option.  

5) Late-night snacks: Serve late-night bar food as your friends are dancing the night away. Poutines, McDonald’s cheeseburgers, pizza, are all delicious options! But to kick-it to the next level, you can rent a street-food cart outside the reception hall, an ice-cream truck, popcorn stand, or even a pretzel cart. Anything is possible.

6) Unforgettable and personalized wedding favours: For the final touch, give your guests a memorable gift at the end of the night! Something that can serve utility depending on the venue is both practical and appreciated. Party favours with a personalized message to each guest is also a great way to set yourself apart.


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