6 Amazing YouTube Proposals

Asking the person you love to spend the rest of your life with you, in itself, is the most romantic gesture! There probably is no wrong way to do it! But these special couples have gone above and beyond to show their significant other and the world their love for each other. The proposal, marks the beginning of the next chapter of your lives together, so why not kick things off with a super epic wedding proposal? These 6 YouTube wedding proposals are sure to make your heart melt and eyes water.

1)    Issac’s Lip Dub Proposal

What's better than having Bruno Mars serenade you? Easy- 60 of your closest friends and family lip syncing to “Marry Me” by Bruno Mars! Swoon! This groom-to-be cheorgraphed an intricate dance number to surprise and sweep his lady off her feet. This video always brings me to the happiest tears.


2)    Home Depot Proposal

This flash mob proposal in a Salt Lake City Home Depot is charming, elaborate, yet beautifully intimate. This video was intended only to share with friends and family, but caught on like wild fire and has over 9 million views in less than one week.


3)    Meme Proposal

For all the internet nerds and social media aficionados out there, this sweet cue card proposal is sure to make your heart melt! With friends and family nearby, this groom-to-be proposes with a story told through famous internet memes.


4)    Fake Boyband Proposal

More singing and dancing! This proposal even includes a newly written song and a boy band-inspired music video! The song, the lyrics, and the dancing remind me of the faux boy band “2Ge+her” but in all the best ways. The couple has such a great sense of humor, it’s incredibly endearing.


5)    Zach Braff Proposal

A cameo by Zach Braff brings this proposal to the next level! A series of really adorable featurettes of friends, family and pets brings this bride-to-be into tears. This video is so thoughtful and creative.


6)    Graffiti Proposal

This time lapse video is stunning. For any fans of Dawsons Creek- remember that time Pacey bought Joey a ‘wall’ to paint on? Well, this is something even better than that. It’s creative, beautiful, and really… a work of art.

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