How to Keep Your Friends While in a Relationship

You had a life before you started dating, now how to keep your independence alive even when you’re in a pair? Here are some quick tips on how to keep your friends while in a relationship.

1)    Make Time: We’re all busy, but much like all things- you have to make time. Schedule and make plans with your friends! Don’t let laziness keep you from having an active social life or into an overly comfortable routine of hiber-dating (staying in with your significant other) all the time. All good relationships require a bit of effort. Even if you don’t have much time to see all your friends on a regular basis, invite them for a coffee, ask them to run errands with you or go to the gym together.

2)    Don’t make everything a date: We all have a friend that will bring their significant other- EVERYWHERE with them. If you’re having drinks with a single friend- ladies, leave your man at home! Make an effort to keep your activities flexible for some one-on-one time with close friends.

3)    Group-hangouts: Unfortunately, weekends are only 2 days long (seriously, it’s not enough), and there are only so many nights a week to hang out with your friends. So invite some of your coupled up friends to a double date- go for dinner, movie, drinks! Keep your activities open to group hangouts, so that you can see more friends at once even when you’re schedule is full.

4)    Schedule “Girls nights”: In every relationship, it’s healthy to have a balance of couple time and alone time! Schedule “girls nights” and “guys nights” on the same night of the week, so that you can both have a nice break and spend time with your friends. This will help you feel more refreshed and gives you quality time with people you love. 

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