5 Times it’s OK to Ditch Girl Code

Girlfriends need to stick together – it’s our solidarity helps make us feel confident, safe and loved. But sometimes, the rules that go along with being a good pal don’t quite fit the situation. Here are the instances you should forget those rules and go with your gut. 

Rule 1: Don’t diss a friend’s man. Smile and nod while she raves on about how awesome he is, even if you disagree
Exception: If you know for an absolute fact (either first hand or from a highly trusted source) that he’s up to no good. If he has the dating track record of Mick Jagger in his hay day and she has a heart of gold, then tell her in a tactful and sensitive way about your concerns.

Rule 2: Chicks before dicks, no matter what
Exception: If you really love the guy in question. When you really like someone you’re dating, you treat him as you do your friends, because you respect him and value them. That means you don’t ditch him last minute just because something came up with your gal pals. If a girlfriend really needs you then she really needs you, but if your man needs you, you want to be there for him too.

Rule 3: Don’t let your friend drunkenly make out with a stranger
Exception: If your friend has just gotten out of a horrible relationship, lost a job, or is otherwise having a quarter-life crisis. You want to support your friend and be her partner in proverbial crime “ sometimes, that means talking about the underlying issues that trigger our actions. Other times, that means having some fun and acting a fool. Don’t let her go home with a complete stranger she talked to at the bar for 10 minutes obviously, but let her mingle on the dance floor, for example. The next day, talk about the real issues at hand.

Rule 4: Don’t date a friend’s ex
Exception: You really, really like him a lot. In which case, you talk her about it before anything happens. If she gives you her blessing, recognize that it probably won’t come without consequences for your friendship, however, so make sure there’s no doubt in your mind that this is what you want to do.

Rule 5: Don’t let a friend leave the house looking hideous
Exception: If you can tell she feels awesome. Obviously, you’d tell your friend if she had something in her teeth or something, but if you’re just questioning her new choice of hairstyle, it’s best to keep it to yourself. We all need to try things out sometimes. After all, if she feels good, that’s all that matters. 


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