5 Job Interview Tips You Need to Know

Looking for work is work! Hopping from one interview to another can be challenging so here are a few pointers to make sure you ace your next interview and land your dream job.

1. Research the Company First

Nothing ruins an interview more than an uninformed candidate. As soon as your prospective employer gets the sense that you don’t know much about the company or the position, the interview is essentially over. Show them how interested you actually are in this job by taking the time to get to know what they do and how they do it.

2. Mention Your Strong Points

This doesn’t mean you should rant about yourself the entire time, but it’s not considered inappropriate to highlight your accomplishments. These days, many companies are under-staffed and your resume has not been looked at with a fine-toothed comb. Mention your achievements and let them know how those qualities could fit into their organization.

3. Ask Smart Questions

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions about an organization’s structure, goals or interests. In fact, asking questions is encouraged. There is no way you can know everything about the company from the outside so it’s ok to ask questions that will be relevant for you should you be hired. It also shows management that you do have a real interest in this company and you take your work seriously.

4. Don’t Be On Time, Be Early

If you don’t show up early for an interview, consider yourself late. You should always arrives 15-30 minutes in advance and you should always factor in enough travel time. Being late or rushing up the stairs to make it in the knick of time won’t earn you any extra points.

5. Look Presentable

Not every woman spends hours manicuring her nails or styling her hair and that’s fine. The goal isn’t to look like a runway model, it’s to look presentable. Make sure your hair is clean and brushed, your clothes are clean and appropriate for the position and you look professional. The way you care for yourself is an indicator to your prospective employer as to how professional you are.

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