5 Signs You’re Ready For Marriage

You’ve been with your partner for what feels like forever, and at this point, you can’t imagine being with anyone else. But does that mean you’re ready to tie the knot? Marriage isn’t a decision to be taken lightly – it’s the rest of your life we’re talking about here. Check your relationship for these 5 signs that tell you you’re ready for marriage.

You’re completely honest with each other

There should be no conversation topics that are off limits between the two of you. You should feel comfortable telling him anything you need to tell him without any fear that you’ll be judged. There are some parts of your life, like your romantic past, that are probably ok to leave unexplored, but the bottom line is, you need to feel comfortable asking about the things you do want to know, and telling him the things you need him to know about you.

You know how to fight

If you can’t fully express yourselves to each other in anger, sadness, and joy, you may not have reached a level of honesty needed to spend the rest of your lives together. Fighting, and knowing how to fight fairly, is important for maintaining a healthy relationship. Fights fend off grudges, passive aggressive behaviour and huge blowouts. If you can’t have constructive fights, your relationship might not have reached full maturity yet.

You have similar values

First of all, you need to know your partners values inside and out. His wants, hopes, dreams, and personal beliefs will all, ideally be as similar to yours as possible. Does he want kids? How many? Are your spending habits understandable to each other? Can you support his aspirations? If you disagree on too many things, planning a life together might not make sense. You need to know how you differ, and if you handle those differences with respect.

You know how to compromise

Saying I do means you have to be completely willing to share your life with someone. This means that you’ll have to consider your partner’s needs in every decision you make from now on. All your choices, big and small, will affect him too. But you need to be confident that you’re not going to be compromising yourself, either. If the idea of sharing your life with someone scares you – even a little, instead of excites you, you may not be ready.

There’s no pressure

If you’re feeling pressure from yourself, your partner, or your family or friends around this decision, you can’t trust yourself to make the right call. You need to know that this is what you want to do, in your heart of hearts, aside from all other opinion. If you and your partner were going to elope, would you still be as excited about getting married? Make sure it’s not just a wedding you want, it’s a whole life with your man.

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