5 Gift Ideas for Your Guy

Guys might as well be the most difficult people in the world to shop for, am I right ladies? Either they “don’t need anything” or they “have everything” or they *shrug* “dunno…”

So. Incredibly. Annoying.

And this is where we come in. Whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary or just because you are the best girlfriend ever (duh!), here are five gifts that will be surefire, anytime for your boyfriend.

An entire multi-season boxset

Have you seen the way guys have been reacting over shows like Dexter, Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones lately? Insanity. Suss out your guy a bit to figure out which show might suit him best and then go out and get him all the seasons available on DVD so he can catch up with the crowd. Added bonus: countless hours of couch snuggles for you.


Regardless of whether your man is a drink connoisseur or not, every guy can appreciate a good bottle of something to have on hand.  We’re thinking along the lines of an expensive bottle of whiskey or a top quality tequila (ie. something he and his buddies won’t chug down in two shots) Head to you local liquor store and ask a staff member to help you find the rare spirits. They’ll usually be the ones locked behind a pretty glass case.

High quality headphones

He loves you, he really does, but sometimes a man just needs to put on his music and zone you out…as well as his annoying coworker and that obnoxious heavy breather at the gym. Grab your guy a pair of good quality headphones and you will be forever in his good books. Even when he’s tuning you out. Try Beats by Dr Dre or a pair of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones.


I’m sorry, but last time we checked, this was still the way to a man’s heart right? And there is so many things you can do with this ladies: you can cook for him or you can take him out and have someone else do the dirty work; you can buy him a boatload of all his favorite junk food or you order in an entire party pizza in his favorite flavor and devour it together; heck, you could even just buy him a plethora of different gift cards to cool places to eat around the city (which works exceptionally well if he is like 99% of the male population who eat out, like, always).

Apple TV

It’s high definition. It’s connected to all his devices. And it has Netflix. Need we say more?

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