5 Careers We’re Coveting

Ah, the dream job. Does it really exist? Yes, I think it does! And if it doesn’t (yet), maybe it’s time to take a risk and see if you can carve out the career for yourself. These top five careers we’re coveting were all born out of a lot of hard-work and imagination.

1)    Professional Blogger:

Who doesn’t dream of walking a day in the gorgeous “Sea of Shoes”, or strike a pose like the “Man Repeller”? The dream of being a professional blogger for a living is rare, but evidently, not impossible. Cupcakes and Cashmere’s Emily Schuman has written a best selling coffee table book, YouTube Beauty blogger Michelle Phan now helms her own line of cosmetics! What are you waiting for? Create your own content and share your perspective on something you love and build something personal to you, and people will follow. 

2)    Fashion Buyer/ Designer:

his is an age old career, but there is something magical about the fashion buying process. I am aware that a fashion buyer does not simply ‘shop’ for a living and that there is a lot of strategy and tastemaking involved, but there is something luxurious and cool about being a trendsetter for… well, everyone.

3)    Beauty Editor:

The publishing business has always had such an allure and mystic about it. Even though lots of traditional magazines are falling by way of internet blogging, there is no job I covet more than a Beauty Editor. The rows of lipstick samples, skincare products, perfumes and everything that is beautiful and luxurious are be at your fingertips! It’s like being on the receiving end of a gift bag that never ends! And of course, curating the beauty and skincare trends is also a huge plus!

4)    Nail Polish Namer:

If you’re Essie Weingarten then this is a REAL LIFE CAREER! Can you believe it? Coming up with puns all day and all night! It would be so fun to come up with names and the beautiful nail polish shades. Now that is a day at the office we seriously covet. 

5)    Shoe Designer:

There is only one Christian Louboutin or one Brian Atwood, but oh the beautiful things you could to create all day! The architecture and elegance involved in creating the perfect and most covetable pair of shoes would be a wonderful and fulfilling career. 

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