5 Bold Career Moves You Shouldn’t be Afraid to Make

You don't have to be a total brainiac or creative genius to snag your dream jobIf you're good at something and willing to work hard for it, you can make your first-choice career a reality with your guts, gumption, and drive. (Hint: looking the part helps.) Here are 6 bold career moves you should make now. 
Say yes
Work everyday like it's your first day on the job. Even if you're nervous, completely unsure of yourself, say yes. Hold your head high like you can do no wrong, and say yes to every request – even if what you're sure what you're being asked is pretty much impossible. Have a make it work attitude, and don't be afraid to ask for help. If you're dying on the inside, keep a smile on and don't complain. You can pour your soul out to your girlfriends later.  
Look the part
Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Even if you're an intern, get that leather briefcase to stash your moleskines and agenda. It'll keep you motivated and forward-thinking. Stay true to your vision – that includes your vision of your professional self. Your look does effect your outlook. (Think of it as a costume. One you can do no wrong in.) 
Ask questions 
Don't be afraid to ask questions. It shows you're keen and want to be involved in what's happening. Even if you feel nervous or feel like you "don't have the right to have a say," talk. Contribute where you can. If you're perceptive to what's happening and asking questions you genuinely want to know, you'll be involved. Plus – it's always better to ask a stupid question then to make a stupid mistake.
Be selfish
Do what you love and love what you do. Even if the place you're in isn't ideal right now, find some way "make it yours." This isn't being selfish, it's finding a way to love it. When you love your work, it will show. It'll also be a lot easier to do. 
Ask for feedback
Ask your superiors how you're doing. Especially if you don't have performance reviews. This is obviously terrifying for a few reasons – you might feel like you shouldn't talk to your superiors, and you might wonder if they even know what you're doing, and also, it's always hard to hear criticism from people you are trying to please. In the end, the information you get will only help you improve. Asking for feedback also sends the strong message that you care. 

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