3 Reasons You Might Be Unapproachable To Men

Catch a cute guy looking over at you in the room? Do you smile? Do you play it cool? Do you look away? Have you ever thought about what vibe you’re sending out to the men in the room? There are always beautiful girls that can get the attention of the men in the room, but how can you make that happen for you?

1)     Arms Crossed/ Body Language:

Body language is a large part of making a first impression. The biggest mistake women can make is crossing their arms across her chest. This can send the message that you are bored, unimpressed, and defensive. The immediate reaction men can get from this posture is that you are not interested, unwelcoming and hostile. Leaving your arms down by your side sends the message that you are open to conversation.

2)     Eye Contact/ Smile:

Eye-contact and a smile, hugely impact overall approachability. Women that complain that they are rarely approached by men in a social or professional setting are likely not giving the impression that they are interested in talking. Remember that when a guy approaches you, he is taking a chance and putting himself in a vulnerable situation. So, eye-contact and a smile is the easiest way to indicate that you are not going to push someone away if they approach you. 

3)     Aggressively flirty:

Ok, now you’ve gotten a guy’s attention and you’ve started chatting. Talking too little, not asking questions or being distracted in conversation can signal that you are disinterested and inadvertently push a guy away. You may think you are playing ‘hard to get’ but this defensive quality can backfire if he does not feel you are engaged, or that he has a chance. However, offering too much information right away or being too forward can push him away as well. There needs to be the right balance of working for your attention, confirmed by subtle indications that you are interested. A slight brush on the arm, banter, smiling, laughter, and leaning toward him can indicate that you are interested.

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