The Girlboss Trailer is Here and We’re Losing Our Shit


We’re less than three weeks away from the much-anticipated Netflix release of the Girlboss series and yet we can’t contain our excitement. This morning Netflix finally dropped a trailer for the 13-episode series, which starts streaming April 21, and we’ve watched it no less than five times already.

If you’ve read Girlboss the book (or if you’ve followed the real Amoruso’s career in any capacity), then you mostly know what to expect when it comes to this new series, but this uplifting get-shit-done inspirational series is something we desperately need right now (since it’s only April and it already feels like we’ve been through a marathon of a year). While we’re emotionally invested in the likes of other series like Riverdale and the recently released 13 Reasons Why, it’ll be nice to switch to something, well, a little lighter than murder and suicide investigations.

While the cast doesn’t boast anyone massive, there are some totally recognizable faces, including a now-brunette Britt Robertson who plays Sophia Amoruso herself. And if the trailer is any indication of what’s to come, Robertson has that badass take-no-shit attitude we were hoping would come through into the show. The “business advice” she provides at the beginning of the trailer was more than enough for Netflix to show to hook us and, tbh, the fashion is just the icing on the cake.

Girlboss starts streaming on Netflix as of April 21 and we’re already planning our day around watching, even if it’s just for the throwback coloured iBooks and chalk-drawn maybe-penises.

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