Ugg Boots Are Better Than Everything?

Apparently we love our Ugg boots more than anything else in the world. Or something very close.

According to Experian Marketing Services, Uggs are the most popular and searched-for term this holiday season, proving that regardless of the punchlines that surround them (and the fact that they’re bad for your feet and aren’t meant to be worn in the winter to begin with), they’re still going strong.

Evidently, Uggs beat out the likes of iPad, Kindle, and Barbie in terms of search terms, and sales-wise, numbers have actually been up over the past couple of years.

So whoever is wearing Uggs a lot, you win, it seems. But be prepared: next year some of us are going to search the heck out of “oxfords” or “Doc Martens” to give you guys a run for your money.

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