The Bachelorette, Season 11, Episode 7 Recap: Whiskey Decisions

Picking up where we left off last week, Ian was still running his mouth to Kaitlyn saying he was there to be with the girl who got her heart broken by Chris Soules, not the girl that wanted to get her field ploughed. Oy. Calling her shallow (actually in those words), he was questioning her intentions while completely and totally pissing her (and everyone watching) off. Ian, there’s a way to tell someone you’re not into them without slut-shaming them for making out with a few dudes or insulting her character. Seriously. After his little outburst, Ian went home because he’s too deep (too much of an asshole?) for Kaitlyn, which left an opening for the other guys (like Nick) to swoop in and just make their position even stronger. Nick sweet-talked Kaitlyn quite a bit, even though he already had a rose and some of the other guys still hadn’t had a chance to chat with her. Whilte Kaitlyn and Nick were locking lips (again), Shawn B. was freaking out again because if she’s kissing a crazy person, doesn’t that make her crazy? Probably. But, after all that drama, it was time for a rose ceremony. Unfortunately for Justin and Joshua, that meant heading home instead of to Ireland with the rest of the group.

Arriving in Dublin with a great group of guys (serious question: how can you go to Ireland with some American dudes? Isn’t that missing the point of going to Ireland?), the guys were met with Kaitlyn and an invitation to a one-on-one date for Nick (shocker!). While strolling through the park, they had a weird pigeon encounter (I totally get it), but it made Nick think Kaitlyn was crazy. Kettle and pot and all that. Then they bought these weird rings that you wear on the ring finger and proceeded to makeout in a way that is surely consummating something in some country. They kissed so many times we decided it wasn’t worth it to keep track. (They were so touchy feely and were that couple you see on the TTC when you’ve had a bad day but the groping is in your direct eye line.) They went for dinner and talked to one another for what seemed like the first time all night, but they only caught their breath for a moment before they started making out again IN A CHURCH (my lax Catholic school upbringing tells me this is WRONG). Before things got too hot and heavy, Kaitlyn gave Nick a rose and then proceeded to invite him back to her hotel room to “hang out.” And after the hung out, they looked at the cameras coyly and went into her room and shut the door.

The next morning, Kaitlyn was feeling some guilt–but not because they had sex (though she may regret it when Nick goes on live television and slut-shames her for “making love” and then dumping him), but rather because there are a bunch of other guys there that she’s going to hurt… Especially when Nick  sort of hints that more may have gone on when they were in her room “talking.” Freaking out over the prospect of Nick telling the guys, Kaitlyn seemed like she almost regretted it…

The group date included Tanner, Ben Z., Shawn B., Jared, Ben H. and Chris and they were there to celebrate the life of Kaitlyn with a traditional Irish wake. She was actually in a casket (hard pass on that opportunity) but couldn’t stop laughing. Each of the guys were supposed to get up and make a toast to Kailtyn and while most of the guys were keeping it lighthearted, but for Ben Z., who had lost his mom and had actually done this before, it wasn’t really that funny. After their toasts, the crew celebrated a bit, Kaitlyn and Jared smooched and Shawn B. was once again doubting everything (not that I don’t blame him, it’s just he seems to flip flop on this topic). To try and earn a place in her heart, Shawn showed Kaitlyn some pics of his family and the two did some kissing–Shawn felt a bit more confident, for now, anyway. To Shawn’s dismay, Jared got the rose on the group date, winning him so extra time in Ireland, just the two of them. And then Jared got the best gift EVER (actually, I’m not being sarcastic)… a live concert with The Cranberries who were singing “Linger.” Shawn was really feeling the pain after not getting the rose, being a wee bit dramatic, even though Kaitlyn was really sending some mixed signals. Shawn went to Kaitlyn’s room to talk to her about their relationship, but she was freaking out because she wasn’t sure how much he knew about Nick. And then… the episode ended… Sigh.

Coming up roses: Ben H., Nick, Shawn B., Jared, Chris, JJ, Joe, Ben Z., Tanner (from last week); Nick, Jared…

Hookup count: Nick (Episode “ 1; Season “ 1)

Kiss count: Nick, Jared, Shawn B. (Episode “ 3; Season “ 24)

Cry count: Joshua, Kaitlyn (Episode “ 2; Season “ 4)

Bachelors to watch: Shawn B., Nick, Ben Z.

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