Spanx is Launching a Denim Line

Spanx is expanding their empire of slimming shapewear by launching a denim collection. The brand announced yesterday that they will be offering two styles of jeans that have "patent-pending hidden shaping features that create a perky rear and all-around slimming fit." 

The first of the two styles is called Signature, which will be a high-waisted pant with a wide waistband and side zipper that are meant to be hidden under a shirt. The second is the Slim-X, which has a lower but still kind of high-waist that was designed for shirts to be ticked into. Both styles will be available in skinny, bootleg or straight, with prices starting at $148.

"I see Spanx as a lifestyle brand that is delighting women in making things fit better and feel better on the body and not just through compression,” founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely, told Women’s Wear Daily. “We’re known for making you look thinner and more toned, but it can just be about a better cut and fit.”

The new Spanx pants will be released on July 25 in Spanx stores and online at  

I'm all for a little shapewear under certain clothes, especially when wearing a dress at a formal occasion. Sometimes you just want to smooth out any lumps and bumps that might be noticeable. But, let's be real — shapewear is NOT comfortable, no matter what all the advertisements tell you. So, I am very skeptical about how these shapwear jeans would feel while wearing them all day. 

Ladies, we need to rid the world of this culture in which we flock to these products that are "slimming" or give the illusion that we are something other than exactly what we are. We feed into these brands telling us how we should feel about our bodies, instead of embracing that we are each beautiful in our own way. Own your shape, whether it's small, big, toned, lumpy, or something in between. A little body acceptance will show you that you don't need clothes that slim you down; you make the clothes look good, not the other way around. 

I'm not against wearing clothes that make you feel great, I just think we should think a bit harder about why we feel the need to hide our bodies.

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