Karl Lagerfeld’s Talking Cat?!

Listen, I know what you're thinking: there is no way an actual cat gave an actual interview, I don't care if that cat belongs to Karl Lagerfeld and speaks in French. Cats can't talk. (And if they could, mine would constantly be asking neighbours to help it escape.)

But, regardless of the above paragraph, I am wrong. Because according to WWD and Fashionista, Carl Lagerfeld's cat gave an interview after inspiring a collection.

The collection includes a knit hat, tech cases, bags, Karl-like fingerless gloves, and a scarvf-all in a cat motif which are all in black and white. It's not even that expensive (for something you'd assume would normally cost a pretty penny if designed by Karl Lagerfeld): prices range from $61 to $465, but will be sold at stores in Europe as of November 12. (Though hello, this is the Intenet age — if you really want a Choupette bag, you will find a way to get one.)

And this is where it gets interesting. Choupette spoke to a French site all about her life with Karl, and went on and on about life with her … dad? Master? Partner? (I don't know, you guys, this is all just too much.)

"In general," she said in French. "I'm with him when he travels, unless he's coming back on the same day. If not, I follow him everywhere: Monte-Carlo, Ramatuelle, New York, Rome, Dallas, etc. He refuses to go to countries with quarantine, as he doesn't want us to get separated. I more often go to Rome and Monte Carlo."

I, personally, more often to go to Value Village — but that's just me.

You can read more of the interview here. (Meow.)


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