Don’t Try on a Wedding Dress Without Reading these Tips!

Depending on the type of bride you are, there is either nothing more exhilarating or overwhelming than walking into a bridal store and seeing a sea of white staring back at you. So before you book an appointment to try on a dress for your big day, go armed and ready with these essential tips.


Know your price limit:
Unless you’ve got money to burn, it’s best to set a limit for how much you’re willing to spend on your wedding dress as they can go into the five digit range quite easily. Know that different quality fabrics will change the price of a gown quite quickly, too. Looking for lace, dupioni silk or duchess satin? The price is bound to go up. Embellishments, beading, crystals and buttons all add to the price of a gown, too. You’ll want to also keep in mind alteration costs. Do you need to take in the bust, waist and the hips including a hem? That will cost you. And never forget the add-ons that pop into your head after you’ve chosen your gown like the veil, jewellery, shoes, tiara, undergarments, gloves, capes, jackets etc.

Go in knowing what you like:
Do you want a short or long gown? Do you like satin or lace? Do you want beading and embellishments? These are all to be taken into consideration before you go into a store. Do your research and see what’s out there, so you’ll be able to spot what you like much easier. You’ll be less likely to try on too many dresses and feel like you have control over your appointment.

Be ready with the right undergarments:
Don’t let a pantyline or bra strap ruin your dress shopping. Make sure you’re armed underneath your dress with certain essentials to make your body look banging in your gown. Consider areas you’re not crazy about.

Keep in mind your venue and style:
If you’re planning a destination wedding you should be aware that a heavy satin gown might become incredibly hot an uncomfortable after an hour of wear. If you plan on wearing a ton of jewellery an all over lace gown could tear at the delicate sides of your dress. Knowing your venue, wedding style and time of year all help when choosing the ideal gown for your day.

Keep an open mind:
Be receptive to the advice of a professional. If your consultant suggests something, don’t immediately put a kibosh on the idea because it’s missing one thing you asked for. Be willing to at least try it on and then decide. It’s quite common that a girl will want to try on a gown she’s dreamt of for a long time and be disappointed when she sees it on herself, so don’t say no to a different silhouette or fabric or embellishment right away. You may be surprised how great a princess style ball gown looks on you or makes you feel.

Now that you’ve got the fundamentals of pre-wedding dress shopping, remember to have fun and enjoy the process. Don’t stress out too much and always look at the big picture, which is, of course, you’re embarking on a life journey with the person you love.

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