Selena Gomez Launches A Nail Polish Line

We may still think of Selena Gomez as just a child star, but thanks to her recent collaboration with OPI, she’s picking up her own beauty momentum.

Announcing the news yesterday on Twitter with a photo of the new label, Selena Gomez’s nail polish will be with Nicole by OPI, which is also the same brand that produces the Kardashian products. (But don’t hold that against Selena.)

The 19-year-old didn’t release a launch date yet, but considering Selena Gomez is already ranking higher on fashion and beauty lists, we’d be wise to take notice and give her nail polish some serious consideration. After all, considering she’s renowned for bright colours and playful fashion, she’ll probably be hitting the nail polish colour trends right out of the park.

Or at least that’s what we can take away from the bright pink label.

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