The Originals Episode 21 Recap: The Battle of New Orleans

Pappa Mikael is one creepy dude. This episode, he's stalking Davina to try to get back into the regular world. 

Davina tells Josh she knows Marcel is preparing to make a big move against Klaus. What she doesn't know is that while she's telling him this, Marcel is beating Jackson and Oliver for information. He and Diego had caught the two wolves en route home from picking up stones Genevieve needs to make the werewolves moonlight rings. Marcel tortures the information he wants out of them.

Apparently they were on an errand for Klaus and Elijah (and Hayley was in on it), who discover they're missing. They find that Marcel has a cloaking spell so Klaus wants more leverage against him. He snaps up Josh and gives him a good bite on the neck, beginning the transformation to hybrid. Oopsie woopsie! To help save him, Davina gives up Marcel's location to Klaus.

Genevieve, on the other hand, is bargaining with Klaus. He wants her loyalty but she's playing one vamp against the other. He promises her all his mother's spells, which she desperately seems to want.

The crazy casino owner woman who represents the humans in the faction comes after Cami, which seems overboard – but what she's desperate for is something different. She wants Father Kieran's key. She threatens Cami, but doesn't get anywhere. If anything, she leads Cami to search out the information she wants for herself even faster. She heads to a small apartment she didn't know her uncle kept and finds a secret area filled with files and artifacts. One file is labeled specifically for her.

When Elijah and Klaus arrive at Marcel's temporary torture chamber, Oliver and Marcel are gone but Jackson remained tied to a bomb. They manage to save him, of course, but not the stones. Luckily, says Klaus, he always has a backup plan. It includes miss human faction.

Hayley breaks the news to Elijah that she is supposed to be betrothed to Jackson, which I didn't realize had been a secret… He kisses her and tells her betrothed or not, she will always have a choice.

At the same time as Genevieve is beginning to cast the spell to give the werewolves their freedom, Marcel rallies his army to stop the other side. He says they will kill Genevieve before she can complete the spell and therefore prevent vampires from going from hunter to prey. When they descend on the originals, Elijah takes on the whole army while Klaus and Marcel fight one-on-one. They've left Hayley, Genevieve and miss human faction, Francesca, alone during this time.

But that's a bad idea (obviously!) because Cami's research tells her that Francesca is from another bloodline of werewolves that Marcel thought he got rid of in the 1920s. Not so human afterall. She's not there to help Hayley and her wolves, she's there to take advantage of Genevieve – she takes the rings for her own pack. Cami tries to warn them, but it's just too late.

The unforseen side effect: this appears to be Klaus's werewolf bloodline too, andi t's messing with his mojo. Genevieve linked the rings' power to Klaus's blood, so every full moon when those wolves turn, they suck away his power. He can't even heal.

When Klaus doesn't return to heal Josh, Mikael snaps up the opportunity to try to convince her to bring him back so he can spill some of Klaus's blood himself. He promises to stop him from tormenting the French Quarter.

Francesca and Oliver meet up to talk about how both wolf packs should now bow to them. Hayley doesn't stand in the way because the witches will take care of her and now this pair has the moonlight rings that everybody wants.

The commotion seems to have put Hayley into labour. They tell her that they're going to sacrifice her baby as soon as its born. Klaus hears her screaming, but he can't do anything about it.

It seems odd that just a season ago, we were still watching these original vampires on The Vampire Diaries. Now they have way more of a back story, a new city and lots of new friends and enemies. Love it!

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