The Originals Episode 17 Recap: Moon Over Bourbon Street

Hayley may have been MIA last episode, but not this week. Her pack is free from its curse and her werewolf clan is no longer bound to being wolves at all times.

Her baby-daddy, on the other hand, is having himself a rebellious relationship with torture-loving witch Genevieve. Elijah, naturally, is unimpressed. If Klaus is giving up on running the city, then he'll do it himself. He'll rule. He invites representatives from all different groups to a sort of council meeting to discuss how the city should run, except he omits one group: the werewolves. Hayley storms in on their behalf and tells Elijah if they're not included, they will all regret it. She's ready to wage a war, probably so she can feel included in her newfound family.

Marcel doesn't have the same allies, but he hopes to round up some type of army to try to take back his city, starting with Thierry.

The young harvest girls are fighting too, being the catty teenage girls they would be no matter what — witches or not. Davina is taking the brunt of the anger.

Cami's uncle Kieran is deteriorating quickly from the curse the witches put on him. Cami is determined to find a cure or some way to help him, but nobody wants to offer any help, even though Kieran's on Elijah's new council.

More interesting, though, is the new character this week: Francesca, a local business owner, who wants to take Father Kieran's place. She's conniving, convincing and determined. She practically threatens Elijah for a spot on the council, a bold move for the newest lady on the scene.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Elijah decides to throw a party — and everyone's invited.

While all the different groups size each other up and make threats to one another at the party, Klaus invites Jackson (Hayley's supposed arranged hubby from the wolf pack) to meet with him upstairs. Seems like Klaus has a little plan up his sleeve afterall. He wants to make Jackson some kind of ally in taking back the city, what Jackson calls "the other half of your family tree." Turns out, he's particularly interested because he thinks Jackson can help him find his family werewolf line — his father's descendents. It almost seems like Klaus is trying to make a new army of Hybrids.

Outside the party is where the real action is happening, though. Davina finds her magic again and Marcel and Cami find another kind of magic and chemistry of their own. The creepy part is that Genevieve is spying on them through a dreamcatcher, so she's well aware they're getting down and dirty. How she'll use that information is anybody's guess.

Only a few episodes left. Expect all of the little clashes from this episode to come crashing to a grand finale soon.

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