Julia Restoin-Roitfeld new Face of Lancé´me

If it wasn’t safe to refer to the Roitfeld family as fashion royalty before, it may be now that Julia Restoin-Roitfeld (daughter of French Vogue editor-in-chief, Carine) has been named the official new face of Lancé´me’s upcoming spring makeup collection, Ultra Lavande.

If you’re not quite sure who Julia Restoin-Roitfeld is, you’re not alone.  While she was previously the face of Tom Ford’s first women’s fragrance years ago, her name isn’t exactly household “ but she is well-known in fashion circles, so may be Lancé´me is going for the fashion angle. Whatever the reason, we’re excited.

Previously, women like Julia Roberts, Daria Werbowby and Kate Winslet were aligned with the company, so to bring a relative unknown (granted, a beautiful and relatively powerful unknown) onboard for a pivotal collection is at the very least risky.  However, not only will Lancome benefit from their choice (we should assume “ after all, hiring the daughter of a fashion magazine’s editor-in-chief isn’t exactly a bad move), but Restoin-Roitfeld may be the breath of fresh air the industry needs after hiring armies of models many of us can’t relate to.   

This announcement is hot on the heels of her recent appearance on Vanity Fair‘s coveted Best Dressed list, and even more impressive since the new makcollection’s been shot by acclaimed photographer Mario Testino.  (So just in case we weren’t convinced of how naturally beautiful she is, we can be reminded further after seeing what will undoubtedly be remarkable photos.)


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