Gap’s Creative Director Let Go?

Tis a year for company shakeups: Gap’s creative director, Patrick Robinson has been given the old heave-ho, according to a statement made by the head of the Gap Global Creative Centre, Pam Wallack.

While Robinson’s replacement has yet to be named, Wallack revealed that “after spending the last three months in New York with the creative team, I’ve made the decision to make a change within our Gap Adult design team”, and that she “believe(s) we needed to take a fresh approach to continue the work to improve Gap’s fashion relevances”. 

(Yikes. That’s a nice way of saying “we’re just not that into you” if I ever heard one.) 

In the meantime, Wallack plans to oversea the day-to-day design team management, while Jennifer Giangualano, senior vice president of kids and baby design will keep tabs on the adult design spectrum.

The company’s chairman and CEO Glenn Murphy has also claimed that there’s no animosity between the Gap and Mr. Robinson, saying that “Patrick has been a dedicated and passionate advocate for the Gap brand and our customers over the last four years, and we’re grateful for his hard work, especially related to our 1969 denim”, but that the “leaders of the new Gap Global Creative Centre are taking the necessary steps to compete and win around the world”.

Well at least they haven’t hired Charlie Sheen. (Get it? GET IT?)

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