Easy Steps to get the Perfect Top Knot

With the popularity of the thriller Black Swan, and with Hollywood divas such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian picking up on this latest beauty trend, it’s no surprise that the ballerina-inspired bun is predicted to be huge for spring. As temperatures gradually rise as we approach summer, and with mixed weather conditions each week such as rain and wind, the pulled-back style is great for keeping your hair under control.

    Work with damp and clean hair. Many of tend to wear our hair up when we haven’t had a chance to wash it the past day or two and it’s beginning to become a mess. However, a bun made with greasy, unwashed hair will not look runway-ready- in fact, you’ll end looking more like you’re preparing for an afternoon of cleaning the house. Hair which has just been washed, and is slightly blow-dried yet not fried, works best. If you have coarse wavy or curly locks which you’d prefer to have in a perfectly sleek style for this look as opposed to its natural texture, first blow dry and straighten your hair before working on the bun.

    Pull your hair back first. Before working your tresses into the style, gather your hair into a high cheerleader-style ponytail at the back of your head. Wrap the ponytailed hair around twice, eventually forming a bun which you can then secure into place with hair clips or elastics.This technique works particularly well if you have hair which is thick, very long, or simply generally difficult to style.

    Use effective products. If you have front or side bangs which you’d like to include in the bun for a more striking, sleek look, use bobby pins to pull them back first. Finish off with a good-quality hairspray (such as Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray), or gel product (Pantene Pro V’s hair care collection is a great affordable choice).

    Tips for beauty looks. To transform a basic high fun from simple to evening glam, add dramatic makeup touches such as bold eyeliner, brightly coloured lips, or a smoky eye. Alternatively, aim for a more ballet-inspired makeover with a sweet pink lip colour, glowing rosy cheeks, and a bit of pastel eyeshadow to connect with your inner dancer and put on a style performance which won’t easily be forgotten!

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