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Healthy Hair Tips

Here’s to keeping your strands in tip top shape, during the humid months

Summer’s blissful months are chock-full of pluses we are all well familiar with. The downside (and we had to really stretch to find one) is the havoc the dry weather, heat and sometimes humidity can play on tresses. One minute you are battling it out with your hair dryer getting the frizz under control, the next minute, you’re in desperate need of some TLC for your dried-out locks. We’ve collected a few tried, tested and true tips you can incorporate to make sure you keep your hair healthy all glorious summer-long.

You are what you eat
We know we feel better when we eat well, but getting the right nutrients and vitamins in your system can do wonders for healthy hair. Eating healthy fats and proteins like avocado’s and eggs, incorporating olive oils into salads and getting your omega’s all result in adding a healthy shine to your locks and reduce overall breakage.

Avoid Heat
We realize asking us ladies to forever part with our styling tools is akin to a death wish, but see how you can take a few days off from all the work you put your hair through. Try taking the weekend off and hang up your hair dryer and curling iron until Monday morning. Instead, air dry and if you are aiming for beach waves that make this season famous, braid your hair before hitting the sack and wake up to loose waves minus all of the fuss.

The best hair treatment we’ve tried is something that can be found in your cupboard. Olive oil. Cover your hair, root to tip with it and leave in for as long as you can stand it. The longer the better. Don’t worry. It rinses out with a good shampoo. What you are left with is soft, tamed hair that looks like it’s never seen the end of a bristle brush.

Speaking of shampooing, brush your hair before you jump in the shower to remove dirt and product build up.

Same thinking as using too much heat. Wash your hair with lukewarm to cool water. It won’t dry out your hair and the cool water leaves your hair smooth and shiny.

Regular trims
Apart from keeping your style fresh, regular trims will ensure split ends never meet your acquaintance. Split ends and over-styling are the top reasons why hair looks brittle and unhealthy, so do yourself a favour and keep it well maintained.

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  1. I actually never brush my hair before wash, since it is not very long (to be honest I rarely brush on a daily basis), but I may start doing it now
  2. I actually never brush my hair before wash, since it is not very long (to be honest I rarely brush on a daily basis), but I may start doing it now

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