Kendall Jenner is Taking Over the Fashion World

Kendall Jenner has been an unexpected success within the fashion world. In the last year, the 19-year-old has been jet-setting around the world the walk the runway for some of the most coveted designers. The last week is perhaps her most notable, however. It was announced a few days ago that Jenner would be the new face of Estee Lauder and it was just revealed that she will also appear in a new campaign for Karl Lagerfeld. 

Getting such high-profile gigs are defining moments in any model's career, especially for one so young and just starting out. However, Jenner isn't just any girl on the road to supermodel-dom. Thanks to her famous family and their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jenner has quite the online following with 9 million on Twitter and almost 16 million on Instagram. 

While several messages on Estee Lauder's Facebook page show many customers' dissatisfaction with their model choice, the cosmetics company definitely knew what they were doing. Since making the announcement over the weekend, Estee Lauder has gained almost 50,000 new followers on Instagram.

Today, WWD is reporting that Jenner has also snagged a campaign with Karl Lagerfeld for his spring 2015 collection. She will appear alongside three other models — Sasha Luss, Ming Li and Baptisete Giabiconi — who have already shot the campaign at Lagerfeld's Paris studio. After seeing the success Cara Delevingne has achieved, it's clear that having a guy like Lagerfeld in your corner certainly does not hurt. 

Jenner has already walked in three of Lagerfeld's Chanel runway shows during Paris Fashion Week. He also handpicked her for his upcoming Mé©tiers d’Art show in Austria on December 2. He's known for having his favourite models pose for many of his brands. Delevingne, for example, posed for both Fendi and Chanel. 

So, could a Chanel campaign be next for Jenner? It seems Kim Kardashian's little sister is striving for world domination of the fashion world, and she might just achieve it. 

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