Elizabeth Hurley Joins the Cast of Gossip Girl

Elizabeth Hurley will be joining the cast of Gossip Girl in the upcoming fifth season. Heading to the Upper East Side, this 46-year-old actress will be playing Diana Payne and is expected to appear in several episodes. 

“Elizabeth’s sense of humour, intelligence and beauty fit the Gossip Girl world perfectly,” executive producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran said. “We feel very fortunate to have her.”

Diana Payne was described by the Gossip Girl producers as “a sexy, smart, self-made media mogul and all-around force to be reckoned with.” It sounds to me like this Diana is about to wreak havoc all over the Upper East Side. I hope Serena and Blair are ready! 

The producers went on to say that Elizabeth Hurley’s character will be “changing lives” of the Gossip Girl characters, in particular, the Gossip Girl herself. It’s all going to be quite juicy, it seems. 

Elizabeth has been trying to make her acting comeback for some time now. She recently played a villian, Verionica Gale, on NBC’s pilot of Wonder Woman, but the show was never picked up. 

I think this Gossip Girl gig could be just what the doctor ordered. Besides, everyone needs to a good dose of drama in their lives once in a while. 

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