Summer Workout Playlist

If there’s anything we’ve learned about the art of a workout, it’s that you can’t have enough music. That’s why we’ve assembled yet another list of pump-up songs to keep you moving throughout the season of warmth, sunshine and countless reasons to wear a bathing suit. (And if you’re not into gyms, throw this mix on your iPod and use it as the soundtrack for an outdoor dance party.) Let’s do this:

1. Title: Edge of Glory
Artist: Lady Gaga
Crank it up because: The only thing that will motivate you to move faster is knowing you can totally trump the choreography featured in her video.

2. Title: Need You Now
Artist: Cut Copy
Crank it up because: Few people know dance beats like this band out of Australia. Just don’t blame us if you start fist pumping on the treadmill.

3. Title: Dancing On My Own
Artist: Robyn
Crank it up because: A Robyn concert in itself is a workout “ thus, it must be celebrated.

4. Title: Who Do You Think You Are
Artist: The Spice Girls
Crank it up because: Not only has this song always been grossly overlooked, it’s choreography can be easily mastered while mid-jog on a treadmill.

5. Title: It’s Like That
Artist: Run DMC
Crank it up because: Not only will you be amped-up on late-90s nostalgia, you’ll be tempted to bust out the same moves featured in the video.

6. Title: Whip My Hair
Artist: Willow Smith
Crank it up because: If you’re not ready to whip your hair mid-workout, you’re doing it wrong. 

7. Title: Bust A Move
Artist: Young MC
Crank it up because: You’ll likely find yourself extending your workout until you can rap along with confidence.

8. Title: Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx shuffle)
Artist: Adele feat. Jamie xx
Crank it up because: You might not yet be sick of the iconic 2011 track “ but you might need something more than just an emotional ballad to keep you moving.

9. Title: Fascination
Artist: Alphabeat
Crank it up because: You’ll quickly learn it’s possible to sing, dance and workout all within the safety of a treadmill.

10. Title: Spellwork
Artist: Austra
Crank it up because: By the time you’re done sweating to these jams, you’ll need to feel slightly mystical once more.

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