Cara Delevingne Returns to Modelling

She’s back, everyone! (As if she left, but hush.) Cara Delevingne is the face of Saint Laurent’s “La Collection de Paris” campaign, which may also potentially be Hedi Slimane’s last collection for the brand. (Cue: My screams into the night.)

And the announcement of Delevingne’s involvement was kept pretty simple: this morning, Slimane released four photos of the model/actor modelling the collection, and the rest of us (like, in the world) picked them up and ran accordingly.

According to Fashionista”which cites Twitter”the shoot took place on March 17, and follows recent images of Jane Birkin in the brand’s signature Le Smoking tuxedo, released just a few days ago.

But that’s all we know. So far, there’s been no press release or quotes or declarative tweets or anything other than the images themselves”which is actually a testament not just to how strong the campaign is, but how much we give a shit about Saint Laurent under Hedi Slimane’s rule. (Bless us everyone.)

As for whether this marks Cara’s official return to modelling? I mean, look: let’s dial it down. Considering Jane Birkin is also featured in the same campaign (and Kate Spade and Calvin Klein’s current campaign is built on the faces of musicians, actors, an artists”like most campaigns in general), this isn’t so much a “return” to the industry as it is her engaging with it in a way that most actors do. Currently, Cara Delevingne is the face of a brand the way every other actor ever is the face of a brand. It’s now an extension of the business, and a cool way (which I just made sound so terribly un-cool, good lord) to align one’s self with a particular demographic. Delevingne and Saint Laurent make sense”not just because of the label’s penchant for sixties and seventies-inspired pieces, but because she and Slimane are friends. It’d be almost more newsworthy if she wasn’t included as part of the collection.

So that being said: this campaign is great, the photos are beautiful, and I am still no closer to being able to afford Saint Laurent than I was before, but that’s fine. Great photos and clothing for everybody, and I won’t be sad if someone gives me a Le Smoking jacket.

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