Drake Has Made Sweats-As-Normal Clothes A-Okay

It’s all Drake’s fault. All of it. Precious, lovely, baby boy Aubrey has quietly ushered out the era of actual clothes and introduced sweats-as-a-thing-to-wear-all-the-time — at least according to recent findings by PayPal (that’s right), who looked at 2015 to determine who wears sweats more: Drizzy or members of the Toronto Raptors.

I will give you less than three guesses to figure out what those findings were — all via photographic evidence.

Drake? Dude wore sweats three times a week (on average). The Toronto Raptors? Usually twice, and usually after games.

drake sweatsuit

And then the study got even deeper: Drake’s choice of fleece (and various other cozy fabrics) fall under the OVO and Nike umbrellas, while the Raptors favour Adidas, Nike, Roots, and OVO (duh), with each outfit going for about $200. (Meanwhile, Aubs shells out about $250 per — so dude is DeVry in that he’s serious about success.)


So I guess it’s official: you can now wear sweatpants every day, rules of Mean Girls be damned. And I’ve decided — for the good of this piece and the good of my heart — to take this approach to heart. Currently, I am wearing sweatpants. I am not wearing them out of the house, but I am wearing them in the house, and if Drake feels even a fraction of how comfy/warm/cozy/able to eat as much as I just did for breakfast (leftover dessert from dinner last night because I’m a grown-ass woman who does exactly what I want), then he’s onto something.


Do I think everybody should wear sweatsuits out all the time? Absolutely not, because nobody here is Al Pacino is Donny Brasco. But look: considering Drizzy just appeared on the latest Sportsnet cover in a luxe suit, clearly he’s not only sticking to cotton/poly-blend. Dude is mixing and matching. And keeping it comfortable because he can. I guess. Right?

drake sweater work video

Meanwhile, I am legitimately shocked at the variety of brands worn by the Raptors, considering Drake is their ambassador and also probably gives them free OVO stuff all the time . . . ? Doesn’t he? He should. In my dreams, they all show up one day wearing matching sweatsuits and Drake’s says “Coach.” And because everybody likes him enough not to correct him, they let it pass. And then the team wins. And he thinks it’s because he coached them. But he didn’t. But no one says anything.

I think I just made myself cry.

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