Survey Says: We’ve Cried Over Haircuts

Have you ever had a really bad haircut? Perhaps one so bad that you've actually shed tears? (Looking at you, mushroom cut of '95.) Well, fear not, friends: according to a survey by, 55% of Canadian women and 30% of Canadian men have cried over their hairstyles.

The survey was done to mark Hair Appreciation Day on April 30, and also uncovered a whole slew of information about hair, and the way we deal with it.

Approximately one quarter of women expect to be complimented on a hairstyle they've spent time on, and 89% of men say "good hair" is what the notice first about a woman. (Now the definition of "good hair" is probably the most subjective thing in the world, but sure — "good" it is.)

More results included men's dislike of the sock bun (29%) and the half-shaved style (57%), while 13% of women aren't into "too perfect" hair on guys (ala Uncle Jesse, we assume). 

As for celebrities, the survey saw Jennifer Aniston once again sweep the celebrity poll for best hair (44%), while Kim Kardashian (22%), Anne Hathaway (12%), Rachel McAdams (8%), and Nicki Minaj/Blake Lively (7%) followed. Meanwhile, George Clooney won the men's draw (35%), while Antonio Banderas (22%), Channing Tatum (16%), and Ryan Gosling (15%) evened things out.

Hair, you guys! Make sure you do something extra special for it next week when April 30 arrives.

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