Blake Lively Wants Your Feedback

Well we're a few months out of the launch of Blake Lively's lifestyle blog, Preserve, and I think we're ready to admit what everyone already has: it is d-a-r-k.

Like, really DARK. And I don't think that's a bad thing, but when compared to Goop or any other website aside from Tim Burton's, this one seems a little . . . underground. (There are gifs of bugs!) Which! Again: not a bad thing. Frankly, I think it's refreshing that Blake Lively took a risk and didn't make her website all sunshine and rainbows. Life isn't sunshine and rainbows. But that didn't mean a lot of critics saw it that way. In fact, a lot of critics didn't like it at all. And surprisingly, Lively is welcoming their criticisms.

"Well, you can learn a lot from criticism if you can take what's constructive out of it," she told Entrepreneur. "If you read a review that starts with, 'This person is an idiot, who do they think they are?' You're not going to learn anything from that. But there's customer service feedback with good advice on how to make the site easier to navigate. Anything that has to do with the site experience and the design we listen to and assess the value behind them. It's less about other people's perception and more about my own."

She continues: 

"You can't be an entrepreneur for other people. You can't start a company for other people. You have to love it more than you ever thought of loving something that wasn't a human being. The demands will kick you down and rob your life — but yet it is so rewarding."

And hey — she has a point. And here's another one: if you don't necessarily like Lively's website, you don't have to go on it. Everything has a market, so that might not be yours (or mine). I mean, we don't expect everyone to love our Tumblrs (even though they should), so why do we feel the need to weigh in and criticize something that has nothing to do with us? Especially when, thanksn to technology and being thinking human beings, we can just make our own "lifestyle blogs" on our own?

Blake Lively, if you're reading this, just point me to the gifs of the gothic bugs.


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