4 Awesome Halloween Party Themes

So, you're no longer into donning a costume and combing the neighbourhood for candy, but that doesn't mean the fun of Halloween is over. Throw a Halloween party and celebrate how much better it can be as an adult. Here are four ideas for Halloween enthusiasts. 
Masquerade Ball
When picking a theme to dictate your guests attire, keep it simple. Tudor themed, New Orleans Mardi Gras, or old Hollywood glamour. Take to Pinterest for ideas. ideally, your next-level costume party is truly next level and takes place in a grandiose venue with a dramatic staircase and epic ballroom – but if you can't fork over the cash to make that happen, set up a DIY photobooth to make it look like you did. What you're probably more likely able to do is set up a fancy masquerade snack spread. Think: tiered cake plates and a ghoulish Halloween punch bowl. 
Hollywood Horror Night
Request your guests award-winning presence dressed as their favourite Hollywood star, zombi-fied. Rent a popcorn machine and serve buckets of popcorn, fill a multi-bin hardware storage unit with penny candies reminiscent of the theatre. Serve a signature red martini garnished with gummy insects to sip as you screen your favourite classic horror film. Honour your guests with awards for best costume, best impersonation, and most likely to be paparazzi target. Acceptance speeches mandatory. For a full run-down of this awesome idea, head over to BHG
Harvest Halloween Party
Ever seen The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the cartoon version? The part where Icabod goes to Katrina's Harvest party on Halloween night in the decked-out barn where a barn dance and feast ensues – that's the inspiration for this Halloween party theme. A dinner of seasonal eats, pumpkin ale, roasting marshmallows over a roaring fire (bowl) is truly a grown-ass way to celebrate the season.
Tales of Terror Party 
Here's one for literary types. Take turns reading story vignettes by the macabre masters – Edgar Allen Poe's poetry, the climax's of Steven King's sinister tales, H.P. Lovecraft's wacky anecdotes – whichever stories haunted you as kids. Set out a sophisticated spread of wine, cheese, and black fruits and take turns paying poet and orating. Die-hard literary nerds may choose to relive the fun of childhood games like adlibs or fold over stories.
Send your attendees home with some Halloween loot that's better than a bunch of mini chocolate bars. Assemble a few Halloween gifties and really treat your friends. 

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