The Bachelorette, Season 10, Episode 6 Recap: When in Venice

Tonight Andi is taking the remaining eight guys to Venice, where there promises to be lots more romance—and a few spilled tears. After it was announced earlier this week that Andi has resigned from her Assistant District Attorney job to focus on love post-Bachelorette, it just piqued our interest further as to which of these gorgeous guys she picks.

When Andi went to greet the guys, she dropped the news that the first one-on-one date starts right now and since Cody was the only guy who hadn’t had a solo date, he was shocked (read: pissed) when she picked Nick to spend some alone time with. Whisking Nick away in a gondola, Andi made her decision because she needed to know more about him because something “just didn’t sit right” from last week, even though he did get her first impression rose. A confused Cody was convinced that if he didn’t get a date at all this week, he’ll be sent home, but resident calmer-downer Farmer Chris tried to get Cody to see that Andi probably just needed to figure out some things about Nick (so smart—they’re meant to be). Back on Nick and Andi’s date, they strolled through Venice, took a look at some art and then had some delicious looking pizza (this episode is making me want to go to Italy and eat my weight in carbs simultaneously). While the last group date was still weighing on his mind, Nick said that he really did want to talk with her and clear things up, while Andi was gushing in her head about how romantic Venice it is and how easy it is to fall in love [with pizza and gelato—kidding! (But not really)]. In yet another gondola, Nick jumped into the conversation, which impressed Andi because he didn’t beat around the situation. Under the Bridge of Sighs, the two shared a big smooch, which apparently means that they will have eternal love. Decked out in a tux and gorgeous gown, Andi and Nick had dinner in an elaborately painted masquerade hall in Venice and immediately the conversation started rolling out. Andi asked him the question of the hour, trying to see how arrogant he really is about the whole situation: “Do you think you’re a frontrunner?” “I don’t like that word.” He seemed like he was trying to be really careful as to how he responded to Andi so not to be considered arrogant again, but opening up to Andi really helped his situation, especially when he told her that he’s starting to fall in love with her—enough that he got yet another rose (and a kiss, too!). They finished off their night with a Venetian masquerade ball—but not before Nick made a couple of punny puns about “masking his feelings” and “taking off the mask to his heart”—am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious?!

Back at the hotel, the guys waited for the second date card, which was going to be a group date: Josh, Brian, Dylan, Marcus, JJ and Farmer Chris—which meeeeeeeans Cody was finalllllyyyy getting a solo date with Andi.

In Andi’s apartment, she received yet another note from her secret admirer, with hopes that she’ll find out who it is at her group date. In the spirit of trusting her remaining hopefuls, she decided to throw a curve ball at them by making them take lie detector tests. Some of the guys—ahem, athlete Josh—were freaking out a little bit, while others like Brian played it totally cool and knew they had nothing to hide. Josh was seriously on edge and was taking personal offense to the fact that they had to take a lie detector test, feeling that this is a breach of their trust (sounds like he’s hiding something…). We learned a couple of very interesting things about some of the guys—like Dylan who admitted he’d slept with over 20 girls and doesn’t wash his hands after going to the bathroom. Afterwards, he went and told Andi he wasn’t feeling so hot (maybe that bacteria from the loo?) and was going to go back to the hotel. Farmer Chris admitted to the cameras that he’s the secret admirer, but didn’t want to tell Andi in front of all of the guys. Andi and the guys received the results, which showed that not only did some of the guys tell a couple lies, but so did Andi. But Andi wanted the guys to trust her, so she ripped up their results without looking at them, which means we’ll never know who the liars are and what they lied about (though we can’t help but suspect Josh after his freak-out). Later on the group date, Andi was hoping that the guys would open up to her. Brian was the first to steal a moment of her time and decided to have some fun and get her to do a lie detector test on him since he got to see what she lied about, but she didn’t see his results. Brian played it real smooth—especially when he asked if she wanted to make out. Tensions were clearly running high in Josh’s mind because he was inquiring as to who the secret admirer was and jumped on the guys a little bit. Marcus had some alone time with Andi and was the next guy to drop the L-bomb with Andi and got (adorably) emotional doing it, and, true to Andi form, was rewarded with a kiss. When Andi sat down with Josh, things got weird. He said he was fine until they had to do the lie detector test and was glad when she ripped the results up (red flag??) and that relationships are based on trust and blah blah blah. He got really defensive saying he thought she thought he was hiding something, even though she didn’t say anything to him about that. Andi felt like she’d maybe been wrong about Josh, but her mood improved when she sat down with Farmer Chris and he admitted he was the secret admirer. She said she’d had a hunch because of his sentimental side, and, of course, the secret admirer closed the deal and got a really nice kiss. Andi admitted she thought of Farmer Chris as that “dash of hope” who always improves a bad day and calms a tense situation. The rose went to Farmer Chris who was so so deserving, and he was happy because he felt that their relationship was developing.

After Chris got the rose, JJ started running his mouth about how the guys shouldn’t congratulate one another for getting a rose or a solo date or whatever. The confrontation got a little heated between the guys (once again—CATTIER THAN GIRLS), but Chris definitely put JJ in his place.

Cody was over the moon when he met up with Andi for their one-on-one date. Strolling through Verona (the inspiration of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet). In an effort to up the romance with Cody and see how much of a Romeo he can really be, Andi and Cody responded to some “letters to Juliet”—people who write letters to “Giulietta” about certain love concerns and they respond with advice and words of inspiration (though if Cody’s handwriting is anything like my bf’s, I wouldn’t actually let him write the letters—kidding…kinda). Cody was so sweet and sincere and even got a little emotional when telling the cameras that he really liked Andi—and then again when he read his own letter to Juliet, which made us crush on Cody SO HARD. (SO HARD.) When Cody opened his heart and told Andi that he wanted to hug her, kiss her, be with her and all that romantic stuff, Andi got super emotional and admitted that she can’t keep him until hometown dates. She wanted to know if they had a connection, which they did, but that she just wasn’t feeling the same way about Cody as he was about her—and with that, Cody was sent home (and I cried a little inside—actually).

The cocktail was getting started at the oldest winery in Verona, and immediately when Andi walked in, Nick swooped in and stole a kiss, along with some time (even though he already has a rose). Marcus was next to get some alone time, while the rest of the guys kind of attacked Nick for once again being “arrogant.” JJ took Andi outside for some smooching and then Brian read a little letter (everyone is stepping up their game tonight), but then when Josh sat down with Andi and got all defensive with Andi again.

After having a long talk with Chris Harrison, Andi made her difficult decision, sending home pantsapreneur JJ.

Stay tuned for next week's episode where Andi and the remaining six guys head to Brussels—for more romance and the promise of more boy drama (yay!). 

Coming up roses: Nick, Farmer Chris, Dylan, Brian, Marcus, Josh
Kiss count:  Nick, Brian, Marcus, Farmer Chris (Episode – 4, Season – 18) 
Bachelors to watch: Brian, Marcus, Nick, Farmer Chris

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