The Bachelor, Season 19, Episode 9 Recap: Fantasies in Bali

It’s down to the bottom three ladies—Kaitlyn, Becca and Whitney—and you know what that means: overnight dates in the fantasy suite. This time, the foursome headed to Bali to further their quest for love.

Kaitlyn had the first solo date and their first stop was a temple where they couldn’t kiss, but they did get the chance to have a spiritual experience together. Kaitlyn was trying to balance letting her guard down without getting hurt. It probably helped when Chris introduced Kaitlyn as his girlfriend to a street vendor. If only they knew he had two more, too. They played with some monkeys and Chris was much more relaxed about having one crawl on top of him than Kaitlyn. They did some kissing and talked about their hometown date and then did some more kissing. After their day exploring Bali, Kaitlyn and Chris sat down for a romantic dinner and Kaitlyn finally expressed her feelings to him. After they had a good chat and some more smooches, Kaitlyn gladly accepted the invitation to the fantasy suite for the night and both Chris and Kaitlyn told each other they were falling in love.

Next up was Whitney’s solo date, and while Chris wanted to enjoy the day, he had some concerns as to whether Whitney could give up her career in Chicago and move to Arlington. They started their date with some bubbly on a boat. They sailed along to the middle of the Indian Ocean and got all cuddly and even fooled us into thinking they were a couple for a bit. Whitney brought up her hometown date and how her sister didn’t give her approval of Chris just yet, but he assured Whitney that didn’t change his opinion of her. After jumping into their feelings, they jumped into the ocean together. Next up was their dinner date and some more serious, but necessary, talks about their future. Chris was honest with Whitney and told her how small Arlington really is and that it is a lot to ask for someone to go down to that level when they would have to make their life entirely outside of Arlington, including work. Whitney told Chris straight up that she’d be willing to drop her career as a fertility nurse to be a wife and mom and that would be her career, even though she worked her ass off to get to this point in her career. (She seemed so so genuine about it and we really hope this works out and she doesn’t move for another Bachelor breakup.) Chris was genuinely touched by her words and he offered the fantasy suite (“to take things to the next level, obviously” – Chris Soules), to which she gladly (and rapidly) accepted.

Last, but certainly not least, Becca had her one-on-one date. Becca was all smitten seeing Chris, but her nerves were still running high considering she still hadn’t told Chris that she was a virgin and the overnight date was fast approaching. Becca and Chris went to see a monk who told them they should “make love” during their overnight date. They did some strolling around Bali and did a ton of kissing. Becca went into her dinner date with “new feelings” making her choice to wait until marriage a difficult one to be keeping. Chris said he knew he was falling in love with Becca and could see a future—the feeling was mutual for her, too—and even though Chris said he felt like they were moving forward, Becca was still holding back. When the fantasy suite invite came up, it was time for Becca to get real, even though she was already thinking she might give into temptation. Becca accepted the fantasy suite invitation, but still hadn’t told Chris. And finally (FINALLY) she dropped the bomb and Chris was actually blindsided, but told Becca he supported her decision. In the end, they still spent the night together, but who knows what happened and if Becca let temptation get the best of her.

After their night together, Chris had more questions than before, even though they’d had a great night together. Chris was falling in love with all three girls, but the difference with Whitney and Kaitlyn was that they both said they were falling in love with Chris (we’re sure there were other differences, but this Bach doesn’t “fantasy suite” and tell). With a big ass decision looming in the air, Chris was all emotional and wasn’t sure which gal he was going to send back home. Chris Harrison came to provide his usual consultation on the matter and our favourite farmer considered each of his three options carefully, but it seemed like his relationship with Becca wasn’t progressing as quickly as the other two.

Back at another temple where physical affection was a big no-no, Chris Harrison led Farmer Chris to the three ladies who were waiting for him with baited breath at this last official rose ceremony (the next time is something a bit shinier than a rose!). After he greeted all three girls with his typical “this is the hardest decision ever” speech, Chris pulled Becca aside to talk. Becca finally told Chris how she really felt and said she was falling in love with him, but she was still moving slowly and was still mulling over whether she could see herself living in such a small town. And just when Whitney and Kaitlyn (and us, to be entirely honest) thought Becca was a goner, Chris and Becca walked back up to them, hand-in-hand. After all the tension and all the drama and insecurities, Chris gave his second rose to Becca, sending Kaitlyn home confused and in tears.

Stay tuned for next week where the Women Tell All!

Coming up roses: Whitney and Becca

Kiss count:  Kaitlyn, Whitney, Becca (Episode – 3; Season – 38)

Cry count:  Kaitlyn, Whitney, Chris, Becca (Episode – 4; Season – 52)

Catfight count:  (Episode – 0; Season – 2)

Bachelorettes to watch: The final two!

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