Amy Winehouse Is At It Again

Oh, Amy. Fresh off the news that she had made a triumphant comeback at a recent gig, troubled singer Amy Winehouse took to the stage in Belgrade to remind us why she’d taken so much time off in the first place.

Giving what Serbian press has described as “the worst” concert in local history, the formerly beehive-clad singer required the help of a backup singer (who actually took over lead vocals at one point) as she struggled delivering her actua setlist. The BBC has even reported that at one point Ms. Winehouse even threw her microphone down on the ground and began mumbling, wandering around the stage (in what we can only assume was in a Courtney Love-like stupor).

What’s sad is that 27-year-old Amy had just recently left rehab, but after the collar-tugging atrocity that was her latest performance, her Monday and Wednesday shows have been scrapped, with her rep revealing she “cannot perform to the best of her ability” and feels “this is the right thing to do”. (Obvious alert.)

But don’t worry, Winehouse fans: if you’re in Spain, her July 8 concert is still a go. But until then, the songstress will be heading back to England where hopefully she receives the treatment she needs. According to UK tabloids, doctors have urged Ms. Winehouse to get on the straight and narrow quick. And while most gossip rags aren’t the most reliable source for hard-hitting information, with performances like these, anyone can tell that despite reports of progress, Amy Winehouse is in trouble.

Insert “Rehab” pun here.

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