The Most Flattering Ways to Dress Your Body Type

Though everyone wishes they could be the model in the magazine, most of us have more to our bodies than that. Despite what most think, shapely and thicker women can be just as sexy. Ask any man what attracts them to a woman, and they will say it is how they hold themselves, and how they dress. Here are some tips for the non-models, or, as Tyra says, the fiercely real girls.

1) Over-Sizing: Don’t Do It. Figure Out your Size
Whether it’s going to a dress fitter, or asking your most blunt friend, just find your true size. Most of your friends will tell you that you look good if they get the feeling you think you look good. You could be a size 14 squeezing into a 6, and if you’re giving the right attitude, they’ll agree with you. Where confidence will get you a lot of places, it can also really hold you back. Find your true size by taking pictures from all angles, and if it’s less than an inch tight or more than an inch big, just avoid it. Or, ask 3 friends before purchasing. It will be worth it in the end.

2) Get a Great Bra…Or Ten
If you’re fuller figured, buying a bra can be a pain in the ass. They’re usually expensive, and there is a ten to one chance the salesperson selling it to you is just trying to make a sale. Either get a professional fitting, or check out websites for a good start on how to find what size fits you the best. Make sure you have a real cup to the bra, adjustable straps, and don’t settle for ugly things. You can find sexy bra’s up to a 52 H.

3) Avoid Muffins
Not the food, but the dreaded muffin top. Here is where a blunt friend is best. A smaller girl can be made to look up to 8 times her size by her top alone. You don’t need to oversize or tighten a shirt to be sexy. A great tip for any figure, though greatly beneficial for the full-figured, is finding a top that separates your breasts from your belly. A simple line half way around the torso can do that. While baby doll style shirts can make you look pregnant, finding the right material that only flows (no poufs) out from your breasts will add to your shape.

4) Avoid Anything too Tight!
Though skinny jeans may be in fashion, there is a higher chance that they will make you look short and squat. Wearing them with high boots will sectionalize your body, and it’s more often than not, an unflattering appearance. It’s the same with tight shirts. If it clings to your softer parts, it only ends up highlighting them. Just try to remember what looks good on others, doesn’t look great on everyone else.

5) The List
Here is a list of typical fashion fails curvier girls make all the time:

  • Horizontal stripes
  • Monochrome colours 
  • Fringes 
  • Tights/spandex (even with a full top, it’s rarely flattering)
  • Wide banned hems on short dresses

Things that look flattering:

  • Varying patterns
  • Clothing that is loose around the paunch
  • Jagged edges on tops
  • Empire waists, 
  • Multi layers (don’t go overboard.. a tank with a sports jacket is flattering…not three or more layers)

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  1. Avatar
    • that thing
    • January 1, 1970
    i am a up coming modle i have just started to make a photo album so if anyone could try to get me started making it big that would be grate
  2. Avatar
    • that thing
    • January 1, 1970
    i am a up coming modle i have just started to make a photo album so if anyone could try to get me started making it big that would be grate

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