9 Gifs That Perfectly Sum Up Why We’re #TeamGale

You guys, we’re mere days away before the last instalment of The Hunger Games comes out and while we KNOW what’s coming, we can still imagine what life would be like if Katniss *SPOILER ALERT* chose the right guy, Gale. To prepare you for Mockingjay Part 2, and since the internet is a wonderful, wonderful place, here are nine gifs that perfectly capture why we will forever and always be #TeamGale and madly in love with the sexy specimen that is Liam Hemsworth.

1. Because he knows how to fight and looks good doing it. liam hemsworth 1

2. Because he does brooding so, so well. liam hemsworth 3

3. Because he still looks sexy, even when he’s visibly uncomfortable.

liam hemsworth 9

4. Because of THAT SMILE. liam hemsworth 2

5. Because he’s sexy, even when he’s being annoying on an airplane. liam hemsworth 6

6. Because of that thing he just did with his tongue. liam hemsworth 4

7. Because he doesn’t chew with his mouth open. liam hemsworth 7

8. Because he looks damn good in a sweater. liam hemsworth 8

9. And even better in nothing. (Don’t listen to them, Liam — YOU’RE JUST AS HOT AS CHRIS! #TEAMGALE FOREVER!)

liam hemsworth  5

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