’80s Romance Flicks Worth a Rewatch

The summer is a time for everything feel good, from patios to picnics to pink lemonade (with or without vodka), it's meant to bring us new memories and fill us full of nostalgia from the summers past. And there is no better way to do that then reliving some of the best romantic flicks from the '80s that remind us why we love the era of bad hair, big brows and the beloved nerds-turned-romancers. Here are eight '80s romance flicks that we still love almost 30 years later.

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Best Friends


This movie is basically The Proposal meets Four Christmases (but like way before either of those movies came out) with a ton of crimped hair and killer shoulder pads. But it’s Burt Reynold and Goldie Hawn playing besties who decide to get married and see if it works out. Isn’t that basically like every girl’s dream?

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