8 Highlights From Real Housewives of Toronto: Episode 7

Another episode is upon us and this week we see the ladies venture on and off the greens plus the tension between Joan, Kara and Roxy continues. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Ann and Roxy meet up at Woof Town for a dog date. Roxy’s dog Lola is due for her treatment, which includes a teeth clean and a check in with Lola’s personal chef.  Ann has brought her own dog, Emma, whose dressed in the same Oscar de la Renta gown that Kara wore to her party and a “who wore it better” dialogue ensues.

2. Jana and Grego meet up for coffee to talk about how they are going to let Joan know about what Kara’s been saying behind her back. The two get fired up and decide they are ready to stand up to Kara if needed, too. While this meeting happens, Kara is having her own meeting with one of her potential AMBI supporters (a wealthy friend that could purchase a $25,000 table at the gala, basically). After some small chit chat Kara dives in and produces a pretty cringeworthy pitch to her “friend.”

3. Grego, Joan and Jana are gearing up to attend “Zauntourage,” the charity golf tournament put on by sports personality Greg Zaun. On the way Joan gets the low down about what Kara’s been saying about her, but she doesn’t necessarily believe it. While at the event, Jana gets the ladies (Roxy included) to start stretching and presenting all that Jana’s Joga has to offer. After the fun takes place, Joan goes straight to Roxy to talk about the Kara issue, which puts Roxy on the defensive. Joan becomes skeptical of who to believe and questions if Roxy may be the one spreading falsities since she didn’t come to her to tell her about any of the Kara “trashing her” details.

4. Ann stops by her husband’s work to discuss plans for their weekend away and the two geek out over his new “lasers” a.k.a. cosmetic toys that just came in. Soon the discussion turns to the need for demo models to help show off the new devices, essentially as Ann puts it: be models for “fat killing” machines. Their weekend away will then involve work promotions and fun in Barcelona, Spain.

5. Roxy and her assistant Elise meet with Roxy’s tech advisor to discuss a new app she wants to bring to market. The app revolves around swapping and renting out people’s full closets, and Roxy is certain everyone will jump on board until her friend explains that people will think she’s crazy. That doesn’t stop her determination though and after Elise takes down notes about how to get the app on its way, Roxy is more eager than ever to prove that her intelligence should not be wasted. Surely, we’ll be hearing more about this app in episodes to come.

6. All the ladies are set for their lunch date and Kara arrives in an outfit that Roxy thinks looks like it was plucked from an ostrich (which it apparently was). Ann calls it big bird. The conversation flows for a hot minute from Ann’s work proposal to Kara blatantly saying there’s an epidemic with young people and injectables (injectables have become the new Snapchat don’t you know?) to a myriad of puzzling eye darts, and mild nibbling.

7) Joan starts to get more and more tense and suddenly asks to speak to Kara in private. The questioning begins. Kara explains that she doesn’t speak about people behind their backs and weasels out of admitting that she is at fault. In the meantime, Ann and and ladies bet on who they think will win the battle between Joan and Kara — they all bet Joan will come out as the victorious one. As the convo between Joan and Kara comes to a close there is still doubt in Joan’s mind as to whether Kara actually said something or if Roxy has more to do with the gossip than she’s letting on. One thing’s for sure, Joan doesn’t appreciate being talked about, period.

8. Closing out the episode Ann and Kara are having coffee and Kara wastes no time serving Ann with her invoice for the gala, a commitment she had not 100 per cent agreed on. While Kara gabs about her doctor’s recommendation for her to skip Barcelona to do her “fracture” and her struggles as a mom, Ann reminds us again why she is the queen of one liners, making sure to sarcastically quip “I’m just so glad I have eight children and work full time” in response to Kara’s whining about how busy and demanding her life is.

Next week the ladies, minus Kara, head to Barcelona to help Ann out. How will the trip go? How will the ladies feel about being part of Ann’s husband’s procedures? What will Kara stir up this week? We’ll be watching to see how it all unfolds. Until then!

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