9 Highlights From Real Housewives Of Toronto: Episode 6

And we meet again, week six of recapping the antics of our leading RHOT ladies. It may not have been the most exciting week, but we still played witness to some fashion hits and some one-off disses worth mentioning.

So, let’s get to it — here’s the gist of this week’s episode.

1. Kara is not just a committee member for the AMBI gala, okay guys? She doesn’t just want her name typed in black and white, showcasing her involvement. Well, actually, she does, but most of the opening scene is her convincing herself, us and the other people, that she is one hard fundraiser and she is ready to prove it. She mentions (for what seems to be the sixth time) that having her designer friend Mikael D do his pop-up shop at her home will be a great event, one that will pull in proceeds which will be donated to the gala.

2. While Joan looks in on another property of hers, proving her love of real estate and design, Roxy is all about getting her and her dog’s lashes done. Roxy’s “ratchet” eyelashes needed a makeover and while her dog may not get the exact treatment, Lola gets her eyelashes cut and looking proper. Roxy soon finds out from eyelash helper and friend, Steph, that Kara has been running her mouth about her party (surprise!) and that she thought Joan was extremely drunk and improper. Apparently, Roxy and Kara have the same girl that does their lashes and gossip plus getting your lashes done go hand-in-hand. Roxy is pissed, but doesn’t know if she should tell anyone.

3. While out for dinner for her husband’s birthday, Ann gets down on one knee and re-proposes to Stephen, asking him to marry her, again. She cites the recent health problems as a motivation to not take things for granted. She also gave us perhaps the tagline of the episode: “real men wear rings,” and Stephen slapped that ring on right.

4. We meet Kara’s mom and, because you’d never see Kara dining anywhere that’s not prestigious and exclusive, she and her mother are out at the ultimate place, Toronto’s oldest private club, The National Club. Her mom talks about her Versace outfit and gives Kara advice that basically is: “get the money from these women even if you don’t like them, and sit far away from them so you don’t have to interact.” Kara laughs and obviously agrees, she needs to get the money coming in for the gala and she ain’t got no time to doddle. We see where Kara gets her… mindset from.

5. Grego has a mini party at the beautiful Spoke of the water Yacht Club and she starts reminiscing about her life as a ballerina. The ladies, especially Ann, start wondering how to get her back into it. We shall see if in coming weeks Grego puts her pointe shoes or not. While Grego talks about her past, Roxy ponders about telling Joan and the ladies about the bits of news she got regarding Kara’s opinion of Joan, but hesitates, drinks and we see another successful food and booze soiree go down between everyone except Kara. She missed the boat.

6. It’s the day of the Mikael D trunk show and it’s hard to overlook the stunning selections he’s brought to Kara’s house. One of the dresses was worn by Gwen Stefani recently ya’ll. Moving on, the ladies arrive at the event (after Roxy let’s the cat out of the bag to Ann, telling her about Kara’s words towards Joan) and within five minutes Kara nearly throws a temper tantrum because the ladies are enjoying themselves. “Having fun is not an excuse for behaving badly” she quips. While she tries to get the ladies to switch gears and buy something, we’re all still gushing over Ann’s fashion sense, this time she’s sporting an all-black ensemble and a gigantic purse that’s actually a huge hand. Get it, handbag? Oh, Ann you are a dream.

7. Soon Kara is guiding the ladies around the house and most of the ladies begin trying on the super luxurious, princess-esque dresses in all colours. Most of the girls. Kara rudely suggests that Jana should look at the cheaper selections, insinuating that she doesn’t have the same amount of money as the rest of the ladies. Super sweet. Also, apparently even though Roxy let it be known that she wanted to try on outfits too, Kara neglected to tell Mikael D to bring enough samples to fit all sizes, and only had super tiny sample sizes. Luckily, he assures Roxy that if she’s interested in any of the looks he’ll fit her and make it happen as he loves to dress all sizes. Still, we have to watch Roxy squirm and be awkward while the others make the room their runway thanks to Kara’s lack of consideration, and that is just so mean girls mean of Kara to do.

8. Kara wastes barely any time and switches the convo from the pop-up show to her real sell: the AMBI gala. She tells the women that she needs them to sponsor a table and Jana for one is not having it, especially after Kara just made her feel like a lesser breed. Joan on the other hand seems to be really invested in the thought of getting a table. She doesn’t know the wrath of Kara’s words yet, but she soon will, next week people, next week.

9. Roxy takes the limo back with Grego and Jana and soon tells them about the exchange she had with her friend/eyelash lady, in regards to Joan. The ladies are shocked (Grego’s mouth is open for a good five seconds) and finally Roxy seems to be at ease since the girls now know the truth. Now, it’s just Joan that needs to know.

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