7 Movies to Watch With Dad on Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day and if you completely and totally forgot to get him something cool (even though we offered some suggestions here, here and here), pretend you planned to spend some quality time with him instead. Our favourite suggestion? Try watching one of his favourite movies with him. Full disclosure: my dad passed away a few years ago, but growing up these were some of the flicks that were staples in our weekend movie-watching roster (and I make a point to watch at least one of these every Father’s Day). There’s absolutely no logic to this collection of faves, but there are some serious crowd-pleasers, so go forth, make some popcorn, bring him (and yourself) a cold beer and enjoy. Just make sure you give him an extra hug!

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Tommy Boy


There is absolutely zero logic as to why my dad and I loved this movie so much considering how ridiculous it is, but 21 years later the quotables are still as hilarious as they were the first time around.

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