29 Questions We Have From The Bachelorette Canada: Episode 3

It’s week three and there are some legit relationships being made… and some not so much.

1. Why does “One-on-one is kind of my forte” sound so creepy?

2. Will Dateless Dave ever get a date?

3. Why is there always one guy who’s complaining about the group dates? (Looking at you, Drew.)

4. How do I get invited on a dancehall date?

5. Why are Mike and Benoit so awkward?

6. Do you think that Scott is secretly a good dancer and he’s just trying to throw everyone off?

7. Is this dancehall competition the beginning street scene of a dancing movie?

8. Is Step Up still on Netflix?

9. Why are all the guys dressed like NKOTB?

10. How are these guys not dying of embarrassment?

11. Why is Mike “eating a banana in a rhythmic way”?

12. Thomas, were you actually a male stripper in a past life?

13. Why does Benoit have so much butt sweat?


15. Are we as a country too polite to be on this show?

16. Is Drew confused about being on The Bachelorette Canada? Does he think he’s in a wet t-shirt contest?

17. Do you think the helicopter mics were annoying when Kevin W. and Jasmine were making out?

18. Is Kevin W.’s hair wet? It looks like it feels wet.

19. So if Dateless Dave got a date, but Chris still hasn’t had one, does that make him Courtless Chris?

20. But, like, real talk, wouldn’t a Kyle-sized butterfly be terrifying? (Not that Kyle is terrifying, just giant insects are.)

21. Re: tweet below, is there anything Kyle can’t do?

22. Oh, sorry, was this actually an art competition?

23. Is Drew really this much of a douche IRL?

24. Chris isn’t really going to ask Jasmine about her five-year plan, is he?

25. Where did Jasmine get that pink dress? Like seriously need to know?

26. What’s happening with Mikhel’s outfit? Why is the bowtie undone? Why are his pants cuffed so many times?

27. Ummmmm, why is Mikhel such an obviously good kisser???

28. Why can’t the guys with roses just give the rest some space? STOP THE DRAMAAAAA.

29. Jasmine kept Benoit over JP? But Benoit had butt sweat…

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