5 Hair Treatments You Need to Try Right Now

We all have our fair share of hair problems. The good news? Treating your hair at home has never been easier thanks to these products. We’ve rounded up the best hair treatments you need to solve your mane woes in a snap.

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If you have oily roots

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Clay Mask

Dealing with combination hair (oily roots, dry ends) isn’t easy. Both sections have different needs that aren’t typically targeted by the same products, which is where this pre-shampoo treatment comes in handy. The L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Clay Mask ($9, at drugstores) is applied to your roots and left on for five minutes while a combination of three types of clay absorbs sebum, leaving the roots cleansed and feeling light after rinsing. Follow this up with the matching shampoo and conditioner for lighter, softer and healthier hair.

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