10 Highlights From Real Housewives Of Toronto: Episode 10

Season 1 of RHOT has come to a close ya’ll and the final episode sees more partying mixed in with spats of reconciliation amongst the ladies (well most of them). Week after week we’ve watched lots of wining, dining, shouting and so on, learning bits about each woman’s personality and daily lives.

So, without further hesitation, let’s get to the recap. Here are the main highlights you need to know from episode 10.

1. Tonight’s episode sees a couple of lavish events and one of them is Ann’s vow renewal ceremony with her husband Stephen. Ann has invited Joan to come do some furniture shopping, luxe-style, making sure to get extravagant pieces for the big night. The two are seen gushing about over-the-top pieces including a bronzed elephant, which does make it to the big event later. The two ladies briefly chat about last week’s drama, but the topic soon glides between Ann’s upcoming ceremony and Joan’s upcoming fashion event that’s she’s organizing for one of her downtown condos.

2. Kara and Ann meet up and it’s clear Kara is not pleased with Ann’s lack of support towards her the week before. Ann should’ve defended her, in Kara’s opinion. Ann does however defend herself, explaining poignantly that she has been trying to be considerate to both sides. Kara begins to mumble about “moral absolutes” citing lying, stealing and taking clothes off at a dinner party as sins, or something. In the end, Kara asks for Ann’s help in repairing her relationship with Joan. KARA ASKED FOR HELP.

3. Before the big meet-up, Grego, Roxy and Ann are all attending Joan’s sensational party downtown, complete with a runway. While sitting front and centre Grego ends up chatting with Sergi (one of the stylists that was at Kara’s pop-up event) who tells her that Kara didn’t want him to go out to the event tonight. Furthermore, that she didn’t want him to be hanging out with those specific women (Grego and company btw). Grego’s eyes bulge and within minutes she’s let the rest of the ladies know what’s up.

4. No time to waste on Sergi’s convo though, soon it’s go time and the ladies are gathered around one table for a meeting of minds. Ann makes sure to settle everyone in and tries to get the ball rolling, but it’s like crickets amongst the women. After Joan thanks Ann for bringing everyone together as well as explains her “all for it” attitude, Roxy takes a different approach: she doesn’t bow down at all. Instead, Roxy calls out Kara and explains she has yet to receive an apology (and her words hurt!). She also throws out a line about how truly classy women don’t need to be so pretentious and judgemental, a direct blow to Kara’s personality.

5. The roundtable continues with Kara in one corner and Roxy in the other. After Roxy dishes her distaste of Kara’s attitude and words, Kara quips back and uses some high school metaphor and then coins the term “post traumatic embitterment disorder” in the process. Basically, Kara thinks Roxy was upset after the two of them just “didn’t click” or whatever, or that’s what Kara seems to be trying to lay down this afternoon. Roxy is quick to say she doesn’t care about that (or basically Kara for that matter) and just wants an apology. Apparently Kara just thinks that this whole situation is like “mud wrestling with pigs, you just end up getting dirty and the pigs like it,” which she somehow relates to “angry people” in her mind.

6. Kara then apologizes to Joan face-to-face, which gives her a lift in popularity among the group. Sure she uses another analogy with a shotgun and a fly, but somehow she does end up mending things with Joan. Roxy on the other hand, is not swallowing Kara’s alleged B.S. and is upset that all the ladies seemingly forgive Kara so quickly. Roxy soon gives her final thoughts to Kara, making sure she knows not to mention her name again and that the two of them are not cool. She then proceeds to walk out and that’s that.

7. It’s the night of the party for Ann and Stephen and the ladies are all seen getting dolled up — Joan, Grego and Jana are together and Roxy has her own glam squad working on her Russian-meets-Spanish princess look. The theme of the night is “If you’re not overdressed, you’re underdressed” so each of the ladies show up in over-the-top, lavish gowns. (Note: In case it’s of interest, Kara was wearing Oscar de la Renta and it was like $10K, so she says.)

8. As everyone is seated, the dark magic, Tim Burton-inspired circus theme comes to life and Ann is seen sitting in a hoop towering over the crowd. She is covered in what Roxy exclaims as “10 thousand pounds of raven,” and as per usual, radiates, this time in a goth-glam sort of way. She descends from the ceiling and the two lovebirds begin their unbelievably adorable vow renewals. Even if some missed what they were actually saying, less missed the gigantic rock Ann was wearing on her finger. GIGANTIC.  Nonetheless, the two skip off and the night of dancing, drinking and partying ensues.

9. The episode fades out with each of the ladies recapping their experiences over the summer, touching on their newfound friendships. The bonds made seem to be genuine by their standards and one by one we are given a personal recount from the lips of the women. Common themes mentioned include gossip, drama, rumours–you know the usual. Nonetheless, they all seem to be stoked for the experience. Also, Roxy doesn’t shy from mentioning there’s now a “squad” to take notice of.

10. In the final moments we are presented with quick updates about each of the housewives. Most are quick, savvy notes, but then comes Jana’s update, which talks about her being in a car accident in Dominican Republic and Ann organizing her treatment back in Toronto. Luckily, Jana is said to be mobile again.

All in all the season did what many first seasons of the franchise seek to do: grab your attention through lavish living and over-the-top personalities. It may not boast the same loudness that is seen with Vanderpump and her crew, but these five Toronto ladies did bring their own sort of entertainment to the mix. Season 2 has yet to be confirmed.

What were your thoughts on Season 1?

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