Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

As Christmas approaches, we’re all starting to get in the holiday spirit. Many of us decorated our trees this weekend, and added wreaths and lights to our homes. For those of us who live on our own, in an apartment in the city, decorating may seem tough when space is an issue or you may not see the point when you only have one stocking to hang.

I typically escape the city for the week of Christmas to visit my family, making me wonder if decorating makes sense at all. But, embracing the holiday season and adding a little sparkle to your home, whether you’ve got a big home in the suburbs or a bachelor in the city, can be fun.

Here are some subtle and chic ways to decorate your home this holiday season:

All White Holiday Decor

A clean palette is an easy way to create a chic look in a small space. The white will help make the space look less cluttered and much bigger.

Holiday Decor Words

Convey the feeling of the season with a few words! Whether it is in a frame or on your door, this can be a very modern take on holiday dé©cor.

Holiday Decor Lights and Candles

An easy and affordable way to add a cozy atmosphere this holiday season is to add some twinkling lights to your space.

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