Your Makeup Bag: What to Keep and What to Toss

It may be a little early to begin spring-cleaning, but in terms of your makeup bag, there’s never a bad time to evaluate what to keep, what to toss and what to never buy again. So before you stock up on the season’s hottest items, we’ll help you sift through what you already have to prevent doubling up, buying too much or making makeup bag synonymous with petri dish.

What: Mascara/liquid eyeliner

Keep or Toss? Clearly the backbone of every makeup bag, you’re not about to swear off eye makeup staples in favour of the new big thing. However, if you’ve kept the same eyeliner and mascara for over three months, it’s time to invest in more. Why? Because despite how tightly you may keep the lids, both are breeding grounds for bacteria “ and while you may think your own germs can’t hurt you, you don’t want to wait to experience the magic of sties.

What: Lipstick

Keep or Toss?  Well that depends: are you one to stock up on trendy colours only to wear them for a season and never again? If so, you may want to evaluate which shades you actually use before you invest in more. But if you’re more inclined to invest in various shades of your signature, opt to toss the lipsticks you’ve kept for over a year. The same rule applies to lipgloss: even if you’ve paid top dollar, there’s enough wear-and-tear to justify bidding adieu after 365 days.

What: Powders

Keep or Toss? Odds are, you wear two different colours throughout the year “ unless you’re inclined to maintain the same skin tone winter through summer thanks to sunscreen or a naturally dark complexion. If so, any face powders (blush, bronzer, pressed powder) have a one-year lifespan before they need to go. But if not, don’t hold on to last year’s shades just in case: contrary to popular belief, your tone may vary from last summer’s look, and by the time you get around to wearing your summer shade, the product’s expiry may have come and gone.

 What: Moisturizers

Keep or Toss? Well, moisturizers last forever, right? Wrong. While you may not pick up the eye infection that old mascara can cause, there’s still a fair amount of bacteria present in facial moisturizers and cré¨mes that can cause breakouts, rashes or allergic reactions. Not only that, but they’re not at their best. And while you may be budget savvy, if you’re keen to invest in cosmetics regardless, you don’t want to use a product that doesn’t deliver what it was intended to.


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