What are Peptides? The Breakdown

Peptides are already in your body-but did you know that you needed to dab a little on your face if you want to help your skin stay young?

In the human body, peptides are the building blocks of proteins. In the skin, a tough protein known as collagen provides support and structure to the skin’s cells. When we age, collagen breaks down. But fear not! When we apply peptides to the skin, regeneration of collagen occurs. There is even scientific evidence that  shows peptide-containing products can help to reverse the effects of aging by signaling the skin to create and repair collagen.

Here’s what happens: when the collagen breaks down, the skin loses firmness and elasticity, which sets the stage for (gasp!) wrinkle formation. The weakening of the skin due to collagen loss also leads to (double gasp!) sagging.

The three main types of peptides used in skincare are: Pentapeptides, Copper-Peptides, and Neuropeptides, although there has yet to be any evidence that Neuropeptides can combat anti-aging effects. Here is the breakdown on the peptide-containing products that can help prevent your skin from breaking down:

Pentapeptides: have been shown to be the most effective, and are most commonly found in skincare products in the active ingredient, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide.

Products containing this ingredient are:

Try: StriVectin SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles, at Shoppers Drug Mart, $162

or Oil of Olay Regenerist Enhancing Lotion with UV Protection, $33.99 at well.ca

Copper peptide-containing products: have been shown to be effective at healing and regeneration. It stimulates collagen production as well as to help removed damaged collagen cells.

Products containing this ingredient are:

Try: Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Firming Elasticity Repair, $60.50 at ebeauty.ca

or Neova DNA Total repair, $95, at essentialdayspa.com

Or try these products:

Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful Super Serum, at soapandglory.com/ca, $35

Philosophy Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Aging Lactic Acid Cleanser and Mask, at Sephora, The Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart, $45

No.7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream, at Shopper’s Drug Mart, $26

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    Hello Nikki 🙂 SO happy to see you back! You look beautiful as ever. I am glad you found a good skcniare which suits you. Those pimples can be so frustrating! I am like you I had never acne when I was young, but now, in my adulthood, when something doesn’t agree with my skin, it shows, and it can be difficult to treat. I just realized that you are exactly 10 years younger than me 🙂 SO jealous! Lol Big hugs to you my dear friend. Love, Hana xxx

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